11 Tips to Rock Your Facebook Live Video

Want a sure-fire way to grow your business fast? — When you do Facebook Live video, people watch. It doesn’t matter if you do Facebook Live on a computer or cell phone, just do it! Get started and learn as you go.

Just like everything in life, practice makes perfect. It’s the same when you do a Facebook Live video. The more you do them, the more comfortable it will be. Never beat yourself up when you’re done recording. Even people who have been doing Facebook Live Video for a long time and have big audiences still critique themselves and know they could have done better, have forgotten an important tip they wanted to share, or didn’t get the engagement they expected. It happens. Keep trying.

Figuring out how to get more people to watch will be key in growing your business fast. The following tips will help you master the art of Facebook Live Video.  And, if you’re just getting started with Facebook Live, you may also want to check out our article How to Do Facebook Live Video, as well as this free video tutorial and PDF by industry experts Steve and Lanacia Rachel.

Let’s dive in!

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Facebook Live Video Tip #1: Deliver Good Content

Do Facebook Live ContentThere are so many people doing Facebook live videos these days. I don’t know how many videos that have drawn me in only to realize it was all hype and no content.

Remember your audience and what they want to learn and discover. Give them that kind of content. When you provide helpful content that will help your audience solve a problem or learn something that will help them in life, you will gain their trust and they will be more likely to watch your next Facebook live video.

Facebook Live Video Tip #2 – Never Compare Yourself to Others

This can be deadly. Remember YOU are YOU! You are the only YOU. People want to know YOU and when you start comparing yourself to others, something weird happens and you try to be like them. It doesn’t work.

I know this from experience. FB Live Video Tip - Don't Compare Yourself with OthersThere are some awesome leaders out there that I resonate with. I secretly wish I was more like them. But, when I try to talk like them or act like them, it looks funny and fake.

Be comfortable with who you are. You can certainly learn from those who are doing well, engaging a lot of people, and learn their techniques. But never lose your own voice.

Doing a Facebook Live video gives your audience a glimpse into your life. How you talk, teach and relate to your viewers will attract certain people to you – the right people, those who relate best to you.

Facebook Live Video Tip #3 – Don’t Get Off on Tangents

This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. It’s pretty commonplace out there. You’ve just started listening to a Facebook live video of someone you follow, and then they start going down a rabbit hole of some other random thought that came into their head, totally off topic.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have unlimited time in my day to be listening to Facebook live videos. Do you? No! We are all busy.

Be respectful for your audience’s time and deliver what you promised. Period.

Facebook Live Video Tip #4 – Be Clear in Your Instructions

Facebook Live on ComputerIf your Facebook Live Video is an educational piece of content for your audience, be sure you are clear in your instructions of where to look. If you make reference to something, put that information in the comments. Better yet, refer to it during your Facebook live video and ask for someone to type it into the comments for you. That increases engagement, and you are providing good direction to people listening in live or on the replay.

Facebook Live Video Tip #5 – Time of Day

I remember doing a Facebook live video on this very topic. The best time is “any” time. While it’s great to have a large number of people on while you’re live, remember that the majority of your views will come on the replay.

Depending on your audience, you may find that late afternoon is the sweet spot from trial and error. Don’t limit yourself to one time as you may be limiting yourself to the same people each day. What is more important is to be consistent in doing Facebook Live Videos regularly.

Facebook Live Video Tip #6 – Be Confident

Being intentional when you do Facebook Live video can create a natural confidence. The best way to appear confident to your audience is to know what you are going to say before you say it.

We’ve taught in workshops to have some talking points bulleted out. You have knowledge to share. Claim it and speak to it. Your audience is hungry to hear from you.

Give them what they need, but do it in a confident way that will lead to trust. When you have a “cheat sheet” of ideas to talk about, you will have the ammunition you need to be the confident YOU your audience is expecting and ready to hear from.

Facebook Live Video Tip #7 – Provide Structure

As with other videos that may be scripted or edited for excellence, you want to provide structure. A simple structure that works very well for Facebook Live video is: Question, Introduction, Content, Call to Action.

If you let your audience know from the get-go what they can expect from your Facebook live video, they are more likely to stick around to get it. Remind them periodically for those that join in later. If you start with a question, you are drawing them in right away. That can be critical for how many people hang through until the end. If there is an expectation of what is coming through the structure you provide, your viewers will want to stay.

Facebook Live Video Tip #8 – Call to Action

Always, always, always, have a call to action in mind BEFORE you even start a Facebook live video. In fact, you may want to even build your whole Facebook Live video around your call to action.

Maybe you want them to opt in for a new product you’re launching, maybe you’re trying to capture email addresses, maybe you want their response to some survey questions. There are a lot of actions you might want your audience to perform. When you do Facebook live be sure you NEVER forget to ask for something. This is your call to action.

Facebook Live Video Tip #9 – Be Full of Energy

Facebook Live Video Tip - EnergyPeople’s time is precious. Don’t dawdle and drag things out. So many Facebook live videos out there just drone on and on. Do you like those kinds of videos? Not too many people do.

If you aren’t a naturally perky person, find something that you can do before you go live to recharge you and get you energized. Whatever it is for you that gets you “jazzed” up – do it right before you hit record. If you tend to be naturally perky – when you do Facebook live video this will come naturally.

Again, keep your audience in mind as to your level of energy. You don’t want to “exhaust” your audience from watching your Facebook live video.

Facebook Live Video Tip #10 – Always Be Positive

Nobody likes a “negative Nellie” personality. We teach you to keep your posts positive and uplifting. In the same way, you want your Facebook live videos to also be upbeat and helpful.

Think with a servant heart. If you mention anything negative, always pair it with the positive solution. There are people out there struggling, and we don’t ever want to downplay that or ignore reality. What’s important is to find the solution and point to positive, silver-lining kind of outcomes.

People are attracted to positive people with a good attitude. If you find yourself identifying with the pain of your audience, that is fine so long as you show them the way out, too.

Facebook Live Video Tip #11 – Get to the Point Already

Facebook Live Video Tip - Get to the PointI have watched way too many Facebook live videos that drone on and on. Am I the only one that clicks off them? I think not. As we’ve shown in some of the other tips here, it’s important to let your audience know what to expect from your Facebook live video, and then get there.

Some people feel like they have to wait and small talk at the beginning of their videos. The original thought here was to wait for Facebook to bring viewers to you. The delay does not encourage people to jump on right away. But, if you don’t mess around, people will start to navigate to you and when they see you’ve started, they’ll jump on not wanting to miss anything.

BONUS Facebook Live Video Tip

Some people feel more comfortable doing a Facebook Live on their computer. Others will swear by their cell phone. Either one is fine.

However, if you do your Facebook live on computer, be sure to position it so we are not looking up your nostrils.

This may seem a little harsh, but I have never met anyone whose best angle is coming up from below their chin. This goes for positioning your phone, too. Always strive for a little above to straight on head shot.

When you are ready to do Facebook live video from your computer or cell phone, be sure to consider these tips for the best success. Being regular in posting live videos will probably serve you better in the long run. As a business owner, you want to be accessible and visible to your audience always. The best way to be visible to your audience is to use video. The cheapest and simplest way is to do Facebook live video.

We trust these tips were helpful to you.  One more tip is to click here to get a FREE video tutorial and bonus 15 page FaceBook LIVE PDF Instruction Manual by industry experts Steve and Lanacia Rachel.

After you check that out, if you want massive results in your business using Facebook Live, we can suggest another great resource for you, the Rachel’s full course, “GO LIVE STUDIO PRO.” It will help you build your brand, grow your audience engagement, and increase your number of leads.

We all know that right now, the most exciting platform is live video. You can engage with your audience like never before. Why not become a true master? Grab your Go Live Studio Pro here.

We wish you the best in your Facebook live videos!

God’s blessings to you!

David & Dana

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  1. Dana did a 7 day “Live” Challenge some time ago that was a wonderful chance to learn and get comfortable with doing “Lives”. She taught a bit less than this article as she and David have since grown. I’ve also grown, it took me 20 some “Lives” before I clicked off on one with the feeling that I finally nailed it ! Follow these tips and keep doing them until you can nail one ! It will be great exposure you’ll grow to be confident and enjoy doing !

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