3 Attraction Marketing Tips to Create a Buzz Over Your Curiosity Posts

Are you looking for ways to attract more leads to your business using social media?

Are you tired of not being able to figure out what to post to recruit more quality leads instead of these duds?

These attraction marketing tips may shed some light on how you can turn this around. The hint of the day is that people love curiosity posts for social media.

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Attraction Marketing Defined

Attraction marketing is a style of marketing where you take time to build your target audience. You do this by consistently engaging with them so they feel like they know, like, and trust you. You are respectful so when you ask for the sale, they willingly raise their and hand and get out their credit card.  To learn more about attraction marketing, check out our article “Attraction Marketing for the Home Business Entrepreneur.”

What Can I Post to Be Attractive?

AttractionCuriosity Posts for Social Media marketing tips for building and engaging your audience include posting good and helpful content. Content can be in the form social media posts, blog posts, live or recorded videos, podcasts, audio recordings, etc. By whatever means of delivery you use, you are providing value to your audience. You are giving them something they want to learn from or be entertained by.

Here are a few examples:

  • Lifestyle posts show you living life. Open up your little corner of the world to your audience so they can get to know you. People can identify with you when they see you as a real person.
  • Quotes & Inspiration make people feel good. Who doesn’t want to have a little lift in their day. Be careful not to use only this type of post because they are becoming very common. Don’t just copy a quote you see without saying something about why it is important to you.
  • How To Posts, especially videos, are very popular. You want to position yourself as an authority. The fastest way to establish this is with video.
  • Curiosity posts for social media hint at a positive result, a problem solved, an opportunity available, and so forth. You can do this with a story, a before and after picture, a testimony, etc. This is a very effective type of content you should master.

Why Curiosity Posts are Hot

Creating curiosityAttraction Marketing Tips is so much hotter than putting it all out there. When you leave out “specific” information, people will hunger to know the answer, the secret, the “how to” for what you have shared. You give them a glimpse, a taste, a hint at something great without spilling the beans.

Set yourself apart from the other noise out there with these 3 top attraction marketing tips that point to your curiosity posts for social media

Attraction Marketing Tip #1 – Never Reveal Your Product Name

It’s not like it’s a huge secret, but you don’t want to use your product names, show labels, or even mention the company in your posts. Where would be the curiosity in that? Instead, talk about the benefits of your products. In previous exercises, you have probably made a list of all the benefits your products give people. If you take it a step deeper, you can think of a benefit of a benefit. For example, if you have a weight loss product, you could say something like, “boy it feels fantastic to fit into my favorite dress again thanks to the weight I’ve lost by simply adding one thing to my diet.”

The benefit is losing weight. The benefit of the benefit is fitting into that cute little dress. We all have clothes hanging in our closets that we dream of fitting into again one day. That will strike a chord with someone more than saying, “try my new weight loss shake from XYZ Company, it tastes great.”

There was no mention of a company name in the first example, and we spoke of the benefits. Before posting, always make sure you have created something irresistible.

Attraction Marketing Tip #2 – Always Include a CLEAR Call to Action

In the last example, we did not include a call to action.Attraction Marketing Tips What does this mean? In a curiosity post, you always want to direct the reader into action. What do you want them to do? Before you even write the post, you should know what the desired outcome is. Do you want them to comment, follow a link, give you a call, etc. An example might be, adding to our example above, “private message me, and I’ll tell you more about what’s working for me.” Your goal is to get them saying, “Tell me more!”

Attraction Marketing Tip #3 – Be Clear on Your Target Market’s Needs

Knowing who your target is and what their pains and dreams are will save you a ton of time when putting together your curiosity posts for social media. It will help with any content you are working on for that matter. Speak to those pains when you have your creative hat on trying to figure out what will make them curious. You want them to raise their hand for more information, what is it that they need?

BONUS – What are the BEST curiosity posts for social media?

  • Educational – teach something you have learned, but leave off the final tip so your audience must ask or go to a resource of your choice (to capture the lead)
  • Business Clue – share something about your business that has really made a difference for you.
  • Word of Mouth – everyone likes to share a good experience. When you try a great new restaurant – you share about it.
  • Lifestyle – if your life looks fun, people are going to be curious about how you got so lucky. Weave stories into your lifestyle posts
  • Story Posts – any time you can tell a story that leads people to want what you are selling the better. Be creative.

These attraction marketing tips carry over into all other content you are creating for your audience. You want people to engage with your posts. People are not engaging with posts that deal with the products. You can do your own reconnaissance on this. If you see a lot of engagement on a product post, it is likely the person who is posting it has a great audience and support of a team to make it look like there is a lot of engagement.

What Are Some Next Steps to Write some Killer Curiosity Posts?

If you wantDavid & Dana with Diane Hochman! to get more than proficient at writing curiosity posts for social media, you need to hone your storytelling skills. One of my mentors has a FREE training that we’d like to share with you. She is an attraction marketing tips machine. We all know that facts tell and stories sell. Diane is one of the best story tellers I know. Her emails and marketing content always speak to me, and her simple, no nonsense style is very easy to learn from.  To access her FREE training, just click the button below.

How to Tell Stories that Sell

That’s a great place to start to improve your skill at telling stories to get people curious. When they want to know more, they come flocking to you to get the in on your action.

Enjoy your new skills!

David & Dana

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