The 4 Color Personality Types: Your Key to Explosive Results!

Do you ever wish you knew exactly what to say to someone to get them interested in your product or opportunity? Maybe you need to motivate your team, and nothing seems to be working.

The 4 colors of personality may be just the secret to communicating with people you’ve been looking for. You already know you need to “speak their language”, but how do you do that exactly? When you understand the 4 color personality types, the way you do business may change forever.

Just so there is no confusion, the colors we will talk about in this article are BLUE, RED, GREEN, and YELLOW. There are other psychology type analyses that use different color schemes, but for network marketing, affiliate marketing, and other home-based business models, we are going to look at these 4 colors of personality. (The colors don’t really have any significance themselves. Another take on this same system uses 4 types of animals!)

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The study of personality types and labeling goes back many years.  In other words, it’s not a new phenomenon. However, many marketers fail to apply these simple colors of personality and miss the mark in their marketing. Let’s take a look at the different colors and how you can leverage them for your business.

The 4 Colors of Personality

As we review the characteristics of each of the personality type colors, be thinking of which category fits best for you, people on your team, members of your family, etc. Personality Types ColorsIn general, people are not ONLY one color, but there will be a dominant color that emerges.

RED: These individuals like the to be in charge. They are driven by success and recognition. They are frustrated by lack of organization and wasting time. They like challenges, and love to win.

4 Colors of PersonalityBLUE: These individuals like to have fun. They are likely the life of the party. They were born to be promoters. They love to meet new people and are not intimidated by that. They are “big picture” thinkers and don’t worry about details.

YELLOW:Personality Type Colors These individuals are the caregivers who want to help others. They are great at relationships. They find it hard to say no when asked to help. They are friendly and willing to help when others are not. They are not opinionated and like to rely on others to make decisions.

4 Colors of PersonalityGREEN: These individuals are more concerned with details, learning and knowing everything there is to know about something. They are sometimes socially inept and want a plan for everything. When possible, they will tend to avoid social situations. They are skeptical and want proof before making decisions.

How Can You Tell Which of the Colors of Personality Your Prospects Are?

In his book entitled “The Four Color Personalities for MLM,” Tom “Big Al” Schreiter suggests 3 questions to ask a prospect to determine what color they are. Whenever you communicate with a prospect to build a relationship, you are looking to uncover nuggets of wisdom to help you in your marketing. For instance, you may discover a pain or a struggle. Ultimately, you want to find a problem for which you have the solution.

Question No. 14 Color Personality Types – What do you do for a living? This is a simple question you can work into your conversation. Many people are working their business alongside a “job”. If they are full time marketers, find out what they did before they retired. You can learn a lot about someone, including their color based on the career they chose. For example, you won’t have a GREEN personality as a daycare provider, and you probably won’t find a BLUE as an accountant.

Question No. 2 – What do you do for fun? This could be hobbies or past times like reading, traveling, hiking, cooking healthy foods, playing sports, etc. You can refer to the 4 color personality types chart.

Question No. 3 – What do you like most about your job/hobby? If they haven’t already shared this information, you can pick one or the other or both as follow up questions. When you ask a deeper question and dig a little into their feelings, you will get a better picture of the personality color they best represent.

A summarization of all the answers put together may give you a different outcome of which personality type colors you’re dealing with than you expected. If you only rely on the response to one question, you may not have the full picture.

How You Can Use The 4 Color Personality Types to Benefit Your Business

You can use the 4 Color Personality Types to help you in working with your team or in recruiting new members to your team.  When you understand your team members, you will be more able to properly motivate them as well. Since you will better understand the strengths each person brings to the table, you can now play to those strengths.

You will also want to think about your message. Certain buzz words speak to each of the 4 color personality types. When you can use these buzz words appropriately, you will get better results.

Red:Colors of Personality Their main focus is money and making lots of it. They will want to be the boss to take charge and get things done. This can be very helpful on a team. Be careful, because reds also tend to have big egos and like to be right. Buzz word: money!

Blues: Their main focus is to have fun. They are action takers and don’t like to sit around thinking and pondering. Rather, they like to hear themselves talk and have a hard time listening. Buzz word: fun!

Yellows: Their main focus is to help other people. They are not motivated by money or prestige. It’s unlikely you will find them in front of the room telling others what to do. Rather, they are good supporters and organizers. Buzz word: help!

Green: Their main focus is logic, rather than emotion. They will want to take their time in making decisions. They are dedicated and loyal. Buzz word: information!

What Color are You?

Figuring out which of the colors of personality you fit best may also help you in your marketing. You will understand why you do what you do, like what you like, and be able to react accordingly. Can’t you see how arming yourself with this knowledge will help you in your business?

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Blessings to you!

David & Dana

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