6 Pillars of the Best Online Marketing System Help Generate Leads & Sales for Your Internet Marketing Home Business

Are you highly motivated to succeed in your internet marketing home business but don’t know where to start?  Maybe your leads sources have dried up and you’re looking for the best online marketing system to help launch or revitalize your business?  — We have good news.  We have found an attraction marketing lead system that is has taught us how to generate leads even while we’re sleeping!

These attraction marketing principles are easy to understand and simple to implement. You can apply these principles to any business, working from home or a brick and mortar storefront. All businesses need to attract customers, get sales, help others, and make money.

Let’s take a look at the six principles we have learned and implemented in our internet marketing home business.  You should note that these principles build on each other. In other words, it may be the best online marketing system, but it is designed to be progressive as you improve your marketing skills and techniques.

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Attraction Marketing System Pillar 1 – KNOW YOUR VISION

This is a critical first step in building your internet marketing home business.Attraction Marketing System You’ve heard us talk before about the importance of mindset and personal development. In a regular “job”, there is little emphasis on self-improvement. Your boss will want you to spend time making the company look good with little concern over you. When you are your own boss, you must focus on your own personal growth.

There are some simple questions you need to figure out in this section before moving on to the next principle. Don’t hurt your business by rushing over this very important piece in building your internet marketing home business.

What do I want? Be honest with yourself and jot down everything that comes to your mind. It’s preferable if you brainstorm and let your mind be free to dream. This “what” is what will keep you up at night, pushing you forward when you feel like quitting.

Why do I want it? Your answers can range from taking care of your basic needs for food and shelter to leaving legacy wealth for your children. Many companies will encourage you to write out your “why” statement. I can tell you from experience that what you first put down on paper is not your “true” why. Keep peeling it back and asking why, why, why? You will find something much deeper, more real, and it should cut you to your core.

Who do I need to become to get it? This is the question most people never ask. Chances are pretty good that the person you are right now is not the person you need to become to reach your goals. That’s why personal development and attention to growing your own skills and mindset is the key strategy to jump starting your success.

If you’ve been involved with your internet marketing home business for a while and you’re stuck, take some time to work through this principle again. In our online marketing system there are tools available to help you work through some of your past hurts, hang-ups, and lies that are holding you back from success. How can you expect to use an attraction marketing lead system when you aren’t “healthy” enough to be attractive?

Attraction Marketing System Pillar 2 – KNOW WHOM YOU SERVE

Don’t ever say, “I serve everybody.” If you are trying to serve everybody, guess what? You’re serving nobody. Clearly defining your target audienceAttraction Marketing Lead System will forever define your business. You need to be asking, who are the people who will be looking for me?  Everything you do points back to this target audience. This step is critical to developing your “brand.”

See how it draws on Principle 1? Rather than brand your company, you set yourself up as the expert your audience is looking for. You need to be crystal clear on your target audience. Are they male or female? Working or retired? Married or Single? Be as specific as you can. We have even given our perfect target audience avatar a name.

After you define the who, the next step of this principle is to list their biggest problems. For instance, if you’ve decided your target audience is divorced, single moms who want to quit their jobs, then problems may include: daycare, nutrition, making ends meet, college tuition bills, conflicts with the ex, and the list goes on.

Make a list of these problems, fears, and struggles. It will come in handy in future principles. Then, ask yourself, “What are their dreams?”  Not just solutions to their problems, but what would really bring joy and delight to their lives.  Again, put all of this in writing … to refer back to frequently!

Attraction Marketing System Pillar 3 – KNOW HOW YOU WILL MAKE MONEY

Best Online Marketing System

Unless you want your business to be only a fun hobby, you need to know how to monetize your business.  That is, you need to know both what you are offering and how you will entice your target audience (those folks identified in Principle 2) to buy what you have to offer?

Your plan for monetization should include at least a low-end, tripwire product, a core offer, and a profit maximizer.  The first element, your tripwire product, is designed to bring first-time customers in the front door.  In most cases this initial sale does not even cover the cost of acquiring a new customer.  Your core offer should cover your advertising and operating costs.  And your profit maximizer is really where you make your profit.

There are three ways you can increase your profits: increase your number of customers, increase the number of transactions per customer, or increase the value of those transactions.  While you should work on increasing all three, you should also know in advance that acquiring new customers is generally the most expensive of the three.

Always know what you are selling and promoting. Pick a product or service to sell each week and then do everything you can to showcase it for your audience. What benefits does it deliver? How will it solve one of the problems you listed in Principle 2?

When you get good at implementing this attraction marketing system principle, you will be able to reverse engineer how many products you need to sell each week to hit your income goal. You will know how many contacts, phone calls, etc. that it takes to make those sales. You will scale that up with Facebook ads when the time is right. That’s a whole different training for another day!

Attraction Marketing System Pillar 4 – KNOW HOW TO CREATE CONTENT

This is one of my favorite parts of our business. internet marketing home businessI love to write and create content. What content you’re asking? Simply give value to the audience you are building through social media posts, Facebook live videos, blog posts, YouTube videos, webinars, and podcasts. Some of these examples may be future endeavors for you.

The good news is, our online marketing system provides training on all of these content media. You can learn as few or as many as you would like to master. It’s all included in your membership. One best practice, however, is to take time to master one form before moving on to another.

During this phase you will create your own lead magnet as well. Lead magnets are tools you use to attract people to you, to entice them to opt in and give you their email. It’s an exchange of value – your cool tool for their email. These can include PDFs, e-books, charts, formulas, etc. that you have created and are using to help you in your business.

If it’s working for you, guess what, there are others out there that will be over the moon to have access to something they didn’t have to dream up and create. When you provide value to others, like your very own lead magnet, you begin to set yourself apart as an authority.

The best online marketing system provides done-for-you lead magnets that you can use and leverage, until you grow and create your own. There is no excuse why you can’t be attracting your tribe to you right now.

One word of caution here – always have your lead magnet be congruent to your offer. So, this combines Principle 4 with Principle 3. If your offer is to sell health food bars (Principle 3), you don’t want you lead magnet to have to do with how to plant trees. You’d want to have something that fits, like a great health food recipe book.

When you’re creating your masterpieces, keep in mind this rule of thumb.  Content creation should take about 20% of the time you allocate for this principle. 80% of the time should be spent promoting your content to your audience.

Attraction Marketing System Pillar 5 – KNOW HOW YOU WILL FOLLOW UP

How many times have you signed up for something you saw online only to never hear from the source again? Or, perhaps you are flooded with follow-up emails that only annoy you until you unsubscribe.

Follow up is essential and can take several forms, whether it be email or social media texts. The goal should be to get the prospect on the phone. You can handle objections, they can hear the passion in your voice, and you save time.

A mistake that many marketers make is to assume the attraction lead marketing system will do all the work. I wish it were that easy. Truth is, you need to get GOOD at talking with people. So, list out what income producing activities, like making calls and actually talking to people every day, will be required to move your business forward.

There is so much training on this very topic included in the online marketing system we are using, including scripts, strategies, and tools for knowing what to say and when to say it. Keep reading for more on that.

Realistically, 90% of more of your contacts will not be ready when you talk to them. Be prepared for that. But when you follow up with respectful email or messenger marketing and provide value and content, you will be surprised how many of them will come back to you when they are ready. Your main focus is to set yourself apart from all of the other emails that are flooding their inbox. Be the “one” who stands out.

Make sure you have a good way of keeping track of whom you have followed up with, what was said, when appointments are made, and when the next follow-up is appropriate. A good and reliable Client Relations Manager will make or break your business. Guess what!  The best online marketing system, the one we promote, includes one with membership.

Attraction Marketing System Pillar 6 – KNOW HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC

When you know who your target audience is, internet marketing home businessyou will be in a better position to know where to find them.  Generally, your target audience will look much like you, so you just need to figure out where you would hang out. There are Facebook groups for almost any interest. This online marketing system teaches a variety of free lead generation strategies, as well as strategies to maximize the impact of paid Facebook ads.

Your goal is to get as many eyes on your content as possible.

As you can see, the principles do build on each other. However, there is a lot of interdependence between them to be the most successful in your internet marketing home business. After lots of trial and error, we were delighted when we finally found what we think is the best online marketing system. We have learned so much that we are now in a position to coach others to success.

Take your time as you work through these principles. Your internet marketing home business will only get stronger when you pay attention to the attraction marketing system principles we share in this article.

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God’s blessings to you!

David & Dana

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