7 Proven Strategies to Get Views on YouTube and Get YouTube Subscribers Hungry for More

If you’re promoting anything online, you can’t afford to ignore the great potential that YouTube represents. YouTube is the silent giant. Videos are more popular now than ever! It’s FREE to upload your videos to YouTube and drive traffic to get views on YouTube. What a great deal!

Do you want to get more views on YouTube and don’t know where to start?

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If you want to get views on YouTube, you need to get YouTube subscribers. Do you want some secret strategies you can start implementing right away? Here are 7 proven strategies to get gobs more views on YouTube and get YouTube subscribers hungry for more!

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This article assumes that you have a YouTube Channel. If you have not created one, click HERE to learn how to setup your channel. See our article Online Video Marketing Made Easy for an introduction to video marketing and video marketing best practices. And if you have questions, you could also watch a YouTube video on how to set up a channel. That leads perfectly into Strategy No. One.

Strategy #1: To Get Views on YouTube, Create How-To Videos

Certain kinds of videos are more likely to get widely viewed on YouTube than others. The most viewed videos on YouTube would be placed in the “helpful” category. They are quite effective if your goal is to drive traffic to your site. Viewers of this kind of video are seeking answers or information. If your video shows that you’re knowledgeable on the topic they care about, they’ll want to visit your site. When you give visitors what they want, you get YouTube subscribers, just like that.

A YouTube video is a great format for delivering helpful answers, whether you talk into the video yourself, create a slideshow, or outsource the video. If you’re not creating help videos in your niche, you should think about doing so. There is no easier way to gain well-targeted views that are also likely to lead to click-throughs.

Strategy #2: To Get Views on YouTube, Be a Keyword Master

As you are learning in this industry, optimizing your content can make or break how many eyeballs are looking. YouTube is no different. You will use keywords to get more views on YouTube. A keyword is simply a short of phrase of words that describe your content.

You base your content on keywords. Keyword research is a whole different training.  (Click for training in Keyword Research.) For YouTube, it all starts with the title.

Create a Title that has Widespread and Ordinary Keywords

There are some easy techniquesChoose the Right Keywords to Get YouTube Views Free that can instantly help you get more optimal results with YouTube. You want your title to appear in searches people are doing. These become “widespread” or “ordinary” keywords because they are common and searchable. But aside from your most “important” keywords (the basis for your video), you should add some more universal keywords.

People that search on YouTube search in a certain way. If you can understand and apply that to your own videos, you will end up getting more views. As a case in point, when you are forming a title for your video, you should utilize the keyword “Video”, as most users of YouTube use the word Video when they are conducting a search. Also, if you are building a help video then utilizing keywords like “Tutorial” or “Guide” or “How To” will help you get more people to view your video. When you get more views on YouTube, it will help you to rank better with your main keywords.

People that search on YouTube are generally looking for videos they can relate to, even before they watch them. You can up your chances of getting targeted views to your videos if you add “popular” words along with your most important keywords.

Focus on the “Best” Keywords in your descriptionFinding the Best Keywords

If you’re trying to increase your YouTube views, targeting the right keywords is something that’s essential. You need to optimize your video’s description and title with the keyword that you want to target. People that search for videos on YouTube are no different than the ones that search on Google. You just need to figure out what they are searching for and use the right keywords to get relevant traffic to your videos.

Optimizing your videos using the most appropriate keywords is one of the most important things you can do to get more views on YouTube. While you want to use popular keywords, they shouldn’t be too general as they won’t be focused enough and there will be too much competition. By focusing on more narrow and specific keywords, you’ll be getting a more targeted response, from people who are more likely to visit your site and buy your product.

Strategy #3: To Get Views on YouTube, Share Videos on Your Blog

If you run a blog,Video Optimization Checklist then you should publish your videos there. It will get views on your YouTube, and those views will be your target audience. Your visitors will appreciate having videos as well as posts to look at when they visit your site. Some people prefer videos to reading text, so you will provide for them and also make your blog more interesting. Your blog can be a doorway to your YouTube channel and vice versa if you embed videos in your posts.  This gives you another place for people to discover your video content. It’s a way to get YouTube views for free.

Video Optimization Checklist

This will work on any blog. If you don’t have one yet, there’s no reason why you can’t create one. You can visit one of our articles on Blogging Here for some ideas on getting started. Even if you don’t want to spend any money and you don’t know anything about blogging, it’s simple now to start a free blog using a variety of platforms such as Blogger.com and many others.

Don’t underestimate the power of effective blogging because nowadays. Due to the explosive growth in social media, you’ll find that your blog can become an information powerhouse in no time.

Strategy #4: To Get Views on YouTube, Allow Embedding

For those of you who don’t know, embedding is what happens when your video is available to be shared on other sites. You can control that. The strategy here is to allow it.

It’s a known blooper among YouTubeGet YouTube Subscribers marketers when we try to control the amount our videos are spread around by restricting them from being embedded on other sites. When we make that decision, we decrease the chance for success, and certainly don’t get the potential views on YouTube. In essence, you are putting a halt to the number of views and amount of exposure your video gets. Do your best to take delight in the knowledge that some of your viewers might be so fascinated with your video that they want to post it on their blog or website. Let their viewers get you views on YouTube and ultimately get YouTube subscribers for you!

In addition, make the option of rating and commenting on your videos available, so that you will can make them more interactive. If you want your viewers to assist you in sharing your videos, you should make them as open and amicable as you can. YouTube and viral marketing team up, so why would you wish to minimize this happy combination?

Strategy #5: To Get YouTube Subscribers, Invite People to Respond

Another helpful strategy is to make your videos interactive. Enhance the viewing experience and intentionally ask for response, feedback, comment, and most importantly the “share.” You don’t want to just get views on YouTube, you want your viewers to pass them along too.

Videos that are popular and viral usually get the viewer involved in some way. You do this by asking questions in your video so that your viewers may leave their feedback in the comments section.

Make sure you start using these tactics when you make videos, as they can get you a lot more views on YouTube, as well as bring more visitors to your website. Don’t forget the simple ask to become a subscriber. YouTube subscribers have free access to your content. Your goal is to get YouTube subscribers to increase your audience.

Strategy #6: To Get Views on YouTube, Watermark Your Videos

It’s a good idea to watermark your videos with the URL to your website or your blog. This is a relatively simple task with YouTube.  This way, when you get views on YouTube, you know they know who you are. It increases your know, like, and trust factor. They can check you out to see what kind of authority you have.

For the same reasons, it is also good practice to include the URL to your web site(s) in the description of your video.

Strategy #7: To Get More Views on YouTube, Get Backlinks to Your Videos

We’re starting to get technical here,YouTube Subscribers Free but every strategy has its benefits. Not everyone thinks of building backlinks to their videos, so it’s kind of a secret strategy! This is a highly effective strategy if you want your videos to show up in the major search engine results. Isn’t that the goal, to get more views on YouTube?

What’s a backlink? How about an example. YouTube A is about weight loss supplements.  Now, when Blogpost B (which is about exercise strategies) includes a Link to YouTube A, this is called a backlink. In addition, this backlink is valuable, natural and relevant. The two appeal to similar or related groups of people.

Once you get to know that your YouTube video is effectively garnering attention and people are finding it interesting, you should try to take it to the next level by building backlinks. That way, more of your target audience gets to watch it.

Since Google and other search engines tend to favor videos, remember that Google owns YouTube! This is a key way to make your video highly visible in the search engines. If you’re not capitalizing on organic search engine traffic then you’re definitely missing out on something and leaving money on the table.

These are 7 proven strategies to help you optimize your YouTube video to get more views on YouTube and get more YouTube subscribers. Utilizing YouTube is another fantastic platform to build and engage with your audience.

We have put together a YouTube Optimization ChecklistVideo Optimization Checklist which will help you with getting your video in front of more people and ultimately helping you get more YouTube subscribers. You can access this for FREE by clicking the button below.

Video Optimization Checklist

To finish, do not throw in the towel if you are not winning fast enough or being one of the most viewed videos on YouTube. The key is to persevere. Do not surrender. The only skill that will pay off is determination.

David & Dana

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