The 5 Best Ways to Sell Online So People Feel Compelled to Buy

Are you exhausting yourself trying to make a sale online and wonder what in the world you’re doing wrong?

Have you about given up figuring out which technique is the best way to sell online?

Maybe you’re like I was, “not a salesperson,” so you have no clue what’s the best way to sell online.

First of all, selling is simply not an easy task. Some people seem to be totally suited to asking for the sale, closing sales, and making lots of money. The rest of us may be left scratching our heads wondering what memo we missed. But making sales can be simple. Now you’re wondering, how can something that’s “not easy” still be “simple?”

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What Is the Best Way to Sell Online for You?

Whether you’re a network marketer,The Best Way to Sell Online an affiliate marketer, a storefront owner wanting social media exposure, or some other entrepreneur, you know that if you don’t close the deal, you make ZERO money. Frankly, the best way to sell online is to sell a solution as opposed to selling your product.  As an attraction marketer, you want to provide the exact solutions your target audience needs.  However, for this article we are focusing more on “the close.”

It is important to make that distinction between selling a product and selling a solution.  The techniques we are about to share showing you the best way to sell online work great when you approach them with your audience’s needs in mind, seeking to help solve the real issues they face. If you haven’t already, make a list of all the solutions your products and services provide. You’re going to need those as we walk through the 5 techniques. You can then determine which is the best way to sell online for you.

5 Best Ways to Sell Online

1. Get on the Phone

This is probably the simplest of the techniques,Best Way to Sell Online and you should do this when you are first getting started. It may not seem like the best way to sell online at first because you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. But with practice, and you should do this a lot, you will get better. The important thing to remember is they hear your voice, you’re a real person.

If you’re not sure how to talk to strangers on the phone, check out “How to Start Conversations With Strangers in a Business Phone Conversation.” Remember, knowing how to talk to people is a valuable skill set. You will be getting to know them, digging up their pain points and what their dreams and goals are.

When you are clear on what your product or service solves, you will know immediately if you can help a person or not. Don’t sell them something they don’t need. Move on and find someone who needs it.

2. Send an Email

You should be growing an email list because in an email you can send an offer directly. You can invite your prospect to take a look at your offer without opening your mouth. This can be the best way to sell online for an introvert. For high ticket items (more than $2,000), you will want to be sure to warm up folks plenty and it’s still unlikely they will buy directly from an email. You may need to revisit technique #1, the phone call.

3. Create a High Converting Sales Page

This is a bit of a more advanced technique. But it is a piece of your funnel where you put your offer in writing. Make it as attractive as you can, using testimonials and focusing on all the benefits. You will speak to pain points and solutions.

To begin, ask yourself, “What will the prospect will learn or gain?” For example, “better skin,” “more leads,” and “tighter abs” are all examples of solutions.

Good copy writing is critical here. We have lots of good training available for this technique if you’d like to explore this as your best way to sell online.

4. Start a Challenge

This is a fun way to meet people and build relationships. A challenge is a means of delivering content and value to your prospect over a series of days. You can call this a challenge, a workshop, a boot-camp, a training event, etc.

As one of the best ways to sell online, it helps you build rapport with your attendees. You are solving their problem over time. It is likely a free challenge leading to a bigger paid item. Make sure your challenge is congruent with what it points to.

5. Host a Webinar

This is a way to get your message in front of a lot of people. Percentage wise you should see more sales from a webinar, if done well, then most other means of selling. You need to have a way of getting registrants to attend, getting them signed up organically or using paid ads. Of course, using ads is another fairly advanced way of getting leads that a lot of people spend lots of money doing before they get good at it. People generally know that a webinar is going to lead to an offer, so that helps you and makes this technique one of the best ways to sell online.

Your Best Way to Close the Deal

No matter which technique you use, your end goal is the same.A Decision to Buy Now This may surprise you–it’s not MONEY. Well, it is, but the answer I was looking for here was a “decision.” You are looking for your prospect to make a decision.

You want to know: Are they interested or not in buying today, will they be attending a webinar this week, have they opted in for your irresistible lead magnet, or did you schedule a follow up call with them? You are moving them along in your funnel.

Keep in mind that people usually don’t buy from you on their first encounter. You need to figure out which technique offers you the best way to sell online for your business model.

One Point of Decision to Buy Online

90 Days to Develop a Profitable Online Business

In our coaching platform, Your 90 Day Pathway to Profit, you’ll see this idea of closing or capturing a decision is several steps in to your business flow chart. “One Deciding Event” sums up the best way to sell online and so much more. If you are just getting started in online marketing, you are going to want to be sure to have gotten the prior steps completed, or at least be a work in progress.

When you can build your business in the right sequence, the success seems to flow a lot faster. We didn’t know this at first in our business. We did a little of this and little of that without knowing how it all fit together. After all, we came into this with no sales or marketing background at all. Ministry and the legal profession prepared us for the empathy and the organizational, strategic planning, but the rest has cost us a great deal in self-funded education.

Save yourself both time and money. Get yourself on the right pathway from the start (or from wherever you currently are). See if you are serious enough and ready enough to see some profit in your business. You’ve got a piece of the puzzle with this article learning the best way to sell online. We’ll be glad too share the rest with you; just schedule an appointment HERE.

Blessings to you!

David & Dana

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