Change Your Mindset for Success, Gain a Healthy Mindset for Business!

Because personal development is a crucial component in your self-employment endeavor, we hear about many activities every day that promise to change your mindset for success. Self-help and “being a better you” resources pop up like popcorn at a movie theater. When you finally allow this truth to sink in, you’ll soon see how changing your mindset for success will unlock a part of you you’ve never seen before!

The healthy marketer! People are attracted to people with a healthy mindset for business. It’s what we should strive for. We’ve all see marketers who are sleazy, self-absorbed, and not tuned in to reality. It’s unfortunate that they haven’t gotten the memo that success comes when you change your mindset for success.  As we’ve written before, when you develop the right habits, you can Change Your Mindset, and Change Your Life!

So, how do we change our mindsets? Isn’t how we’ve always done things the best way? Probably not, sadly.

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There needs to be a paradigm shift here in not only “how” you think but “what” you think. Let’s take a fresh look at some pretty basic ways people are using to get a healthy mindset for business. Remember, to influence others you need to be able to influence yourself first. Would you follow you? Do you provide what people are looking for? How can you change your mindset for success?

1) You Are a LeaderChange Your Mindset for Success

You need to project this image to your audience. People follow leaders and listen to what a leader says. Look in the mirror at who you are becoming. Remember to stand out in this business you need to believe in yourself and your business.

Leaders are confident. Leaders command attention. You are a leader.

Picture yourself as a King!  Do kings complain? Do kings focus on the negative? No!

To change your mindset for success you need to clean up your act and begin to act like the leader you are. Walk into your success with your head held high. Carry yourself like royalty.

2) Your Word Carries Authority

Speak about what you know to be true. When you have a healthy mindset for business, you believe strongly … and you can support what you say with proof. Your word takes on new meaning. You start simple by showing people what works. People like to see solutions at work.

When you can offer to solve one of your audience’s biggest problems or fill a need in their Top 10 Needs – you have instant authority. Work to have a belief so big that you speak with authority!

3) Acknowledge You Are a Gift

You have a personality that will resonate with many people (not everybody, but many). Healthy Mindset for BusinessNo matter what people say, or what you think people are thinking – be clear on the fact YOU are a gift. When you change your mindset for business you need to be sure of your own value. Don’t try to be someone you are not – be YOU!

God created you the way he did for a purpose, and it wasn’t to try and be someone you’re not. Let the personality you have shine. If you’re a little shy – play on that. If you’re a little rough around the edges – play on that. You are looking for the people who are looking for you.

When you get clear with a healthy mindset for business you will realize how special you are and that you have solutions people need. You are a gift to them. Be looking for the people you can help with your gifts.

4) Serve Others First

When you work to change your mindset for business, the focus turns off you and to those you are serving. I’ve had a servant heart for a long time, and I derive such pleasure out of serving others. A selfish marketer is a broke marketer.

When we begin to establish a healthy mindset for business we quickly realize who is important. Our audience has needs that we can fill. We are doing them a dis-service by not sharing with them our opportunity or our products. When we shift our mindset to realize we are serving, and that’s what’s important, your business success will follow.

5) Your Reward Is Based on the Value You Provide

Use the principlesChanging Your Mindset for Success you have learned that have helped you. Share with others what you are learning, and you will almost automatically shift to a healthy mindset for business. When you provide valuable teaching, valuable content that helps another human being – you first fulfill your own basic need to feel needed and receive that reward.

And then, when recognition is received, there can be an instant change to your mindset for business purposes. You suddenly want to share more value. It snowballs. You share valuable content that helps someone – and it helps you, too!

Continue to Change Your Mindset for Success

Changing your mindset is an ongoing process. Changing your life is not going to happen overnight. You need to continue to nurture this new way of life. One of the best ways you can continue on your journey in a healthy way is to join a supportive community. You may be in a couple Facebook groups or church small groups or neighborhood hangouts, and those are great. What you need to find is a community that will feed you, challenge you, and help you grow stronger in your business mindset.

We suggest an online communityDavid & Dana with Diane Hochman! that meets once a month, the third Thursday of the month at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. It’s called the “Deep Abyss” because you dig deep. The online facilitator and coach, Diane Hochman, will explore many different topics and her following has grown over the years. Folks may come and go, but the support she provides is eternal. Nuggets you will learn in the Deep Abyss will catapult your mindset to places you didn’t know existed.

Diane’s style is real and raw. We love her! She is an incredible marketer who speaks from the heart and truly cares about you. She is not “hypey” but genuine. You can check it out one time and decide if it’s a good fit for you. You’ve chosen this journey in home business online, you’re working on a great mindset for business. Success is just right around the corner. Keep the momentum and get connected. Find out more about the Deep Abyss HERE.

God’s blessings to you!

David & Dana

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