3 Reasons Why You Must Create a Brand in Marketing

Are you looking for ways to be more visible to your audience?

Your next step is to work on creating a brand in marketing. Brands with a clear purpose which align with the values of the company are more likely to be noticed. In fact, there are companies that all they do is value branding for their clients.

Before we can dive into “WHY” you must create a brand in marketing, it’s critical we understand “WHAT” a brand is and “WHO” a brand is for. We will also look at how to create your brand to finish out this article.

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What Is a Brand?

Think of your brandCreate a Brand in Marketing as your promise to your customer. It’s not just your color scheme or logo. It’s what your customers expect you to provide for them, your PERCEIVED VALUE. Good brands elicit emotions through the use of content as well as appearance.

Take Starbucks, for example. What emotion does that “brand” give you? If you’re a coffee drinker there is a strong emotion that triggers because you know that their product can really give you a pick-me-up kind of treat. That brand, Starbucks by itself sells, what? Sells coffee.

Remember these 4 things about brands. (1) Every business has one (good or bad); (2) Brands evoke emotional connection (mood); (3) Brands deliver perceptions (how we see or feel when we encounter them); (4) Brands communicates a message.

Who Is the Brand For?

You are branding yourself as providing the solution to someone’s problem. To do so, you must be clear what unique problem you solve.  And, who is that someone you want to serve, whose problem you can solve? Those questions should be in the forefront of your mind as you brand your company, YOU Inc.

3 Reasons Why You Must Create a Brand in Marketing

  • Your Brand Sets You Apart from the Rest

Let’s face it.Brand Your Company There are a lot of people out there trying to market the same thing you are, maybe even the same product. How can you compete against someone who has been in the business a long time or against that cute young blue-eyed blond that really sparkles? Your first task should be >> to be UNIQUE.

You are you. What makes you special? Do you have a quality that stands out, like bright green hair, or super ninja tech skills, or a homecoming queen charm? We all have something special to offer, dig a little if you have to. Ask a trusted friend or family member what quality stands out to them. Take some time to figure out what your “super power” is.

Use your uniqueness. Act on it. Perceptions come from actions – what do people see you doing? If you are visible, always be asking what do people see? Is this who you want to be to the market place? When you do this, you are creating a brand in marketing!

Here are some questions to ask yourself. “How do I want to be seen?” and “How do I want people to feel?” “How will they transform from the before, during and after engaging with you?” Incorporate your responses to these questions into the customer journey, into your promise to them, into your brand!

  • Helps People Find You as their Solution Bringer

When you have created a brand around your solution,Be a Solution Provider people will naturally find you. People are always searching for solutions. So, if you provide working moms with time saving meal plans, they will find you when they google “meal plans for busy moms.” If you brand the company name, they won’t necessarily know the company to search for. They are searching for their solution.

Maybe there are some related benefits you could offer to brand your company. You always want to match your message to your market. What I mean here is if you sell tires, maybe you have a video for changing a flat tire. By your actions, and a video is one action, people see you as their solution giver. You just showed them how to change a tire. They may trust you for tire sales, too.

Since being seen means being visible, color schemes and logos can fit in here as well. The key is being found. What will catch the eye of your perfect fit customer? If bold colors will speak to your target audience, then use them. If pastels and flowers speak your audience, use them. You want the right people to find you. You have solutions for those people. If you aren’t turning prospects into sales, you may not have found the right prospects who are looking for your solutions yet.

It’s important to use the right language in your marketing message and brand. Do you research to know the language “your people” use. People will feel like you are speaking to them. You’ve probably had that experience in church on Sunday when it felt like the Pastor was preaching just to you. Maybe also in a marketing webinar … the trainer was saying all the right things to draw you in and help you learn, grow, or want to buy their stuff!

  • Create a Professional Entity that Can Be Valuable

Did you know brands can be sold or transferred as property? When you create a brand in marketing as a legal entity, you can pass along that brand. When you make it legal, you are making a promise to your audience that you are serious about providing the solutions you’ve established. You will attract loyalty because of those solutions. You and your company brand will be seen as one of authority. Much like Starbucks is to coffee.

There will be a value to the brand if it is built correctly, it can be sold or interest passed on for generations to come. When you make a brand in marketing that stands out and serves well, it has the potential of providing profit indefinitely. We have heard of brands that were developed and sold for millions of dollars.

How You Start a Business with Your Own Brand

Have you been told to “brand your company?”How to Create Your Brand That is a mistaken message from a lot of companies. Why? Because they get a lot of free advertising to have their reps plaster their sales information all over the place. When we tell you to brand your company, we want you to brand YOU! That way, if you change companies, grow away from one, start a new one and go a different direction, you don’t want to have to rebrand yourself. People follow people.

  1. Know who you want to serve.
  2. Know who you are, what you are passionate about, what your purpose is. Your tag line and logo must match this.
  3. Know your competition. To do this, you will want to do your research to see what others selling the same stuff are doing. Then, do something different. Remember the #1 reason above? Be unique.
  4. Outline the benefits your product or service offers.
  5. Create your logo or tagline to match the above steps.

Building a brand in marketing that is strong and successful should take you some time and effort. Make sure you follow these steps. Maybe you’ve been marketing for a while and are ready for a rebrand because you just aren’t seeing the success with the brand you are using. Again, follow these steps and be sure you have someone you know and trust review and give you their feedback.

For More Help Building Your Brand …

In our signature coaching program, Your Pathway to Profit, we devote two entire sessions to branding, it’s that important. Having a strong foundation for your business is key to having a profitable business. When we work with you on your brand, you will know exactly how to create your brand around YOU, and never just brand your company.

If you haven’t discovered where your business is on the “Pathway”, your next step should be to book a Breakthrough to Profit coaching call.

On that call, we’ll work together to create a crystal-clear pathway to profit in YOUR business. You’ll uncover how to overcome the challenges sabotaging the growth of your business. And you’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized, and inspired to turn your business into a highly profitable, revenue-generating machine. This may be exactly what you and your business needs right now! Or, ask us about a complete “done for you” branding solution.

Blessings to you!

David & Dana

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