Email List Building Tips to Get More Eyeballs on Your Content … and Keep Them Looking!

How many people do you currently have on your email list?  My guess is you’d like more, right?  As long as email lists are free, you can never have too many people on your list!  And new email list building strategies can help any business!  So, here are five great email list building tips.

The first step to having success in business is building your audience.

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Those are the people you are targeting with your product or service. Many marketers fail here because it’s easy to think that EVERYONE is in your audience. If that’s you, stop thinking like that. The sooner you narrow your focus and begin to think of your audience in specific terms, the sooner your business will start to grow; and then you will see that exact kind of people coming to you.

If this idea of targeting is foreign to you, we describe it more in How to Get People to Buy Your Product and Attraction Marketing for the Home Business Entrepreneur.

One you’ve identified who is in your audience, you can begin to market to them. These email list building strategies will just make more sense, too. The biggest asset in your business is your list, and email lists are free! They are all yours. Your email list is made up of your fans – those who love you, as well as your best business associates and prospects who you can pamper and serve. Folks on your list are just holding their breath to see what you are going to offer next. These email list building tips, which include some of my best take-aways from a webinar by Amy Porterfield, will help you grow your list of fans FAST!

Email List Building Tips: #1 – Develop a Must-Have Lead Magnet

Email List Building Tips: Lead MagnetWhat does a lead magnet have to do with an email list? It’s the secret weapon of your email list building strategies. A lead magnet is the bait to attract more people to you. That’s why it needs to be drop dead valuable. You are going to want to showcase this front and center on your website, so that visitors are crazy if they don’t want to opt in to get it.

Again, it goes back to knowing your audience and what problems they have that you can solve with this lead magnet give-away. Make sure your lead magnet is carefully aligned with your business, too. For instance, if you are running a health & wellness business, a FREE healthy eating cookbook might be a good fit, rather than an e-book about how to change tires.

You don’t want your lead magnet to be too involved, wordy or intense. It needs to be a helpful tool that will lead your audience to get an instant win or direct them to an immediate action step.  (Hint: Begin now to collect lead magnets that appeal to you; then emulate their strongest qualities.)

You can use this lead magnet in other places besides your website. For example, you can refer to it in posts on social media, or you can drive an ad to it (for more advanced marketers). Always focus on the solution or the problem it solves. Make it irresistible. This is one of the key email list building tips for fast growth.

Don’t limit yourself to just one lead magnet. You can develop several that will attract different facets of your audience. As an example, again using the health and wellness niche, a different option to attract different people in the same niche could be to use a workout video with new exercise routines.

BONUS TIPS for promoting your lead magnet

     µ   Use great pictures – especially social proof of what your lead magnet offers.

     µ   Don’t be afraid to use the word “FREE” – sometimes that’s all it takes to get people to opt in – no risk, no cost to them!

     µ   Use a quiz to get people’s attention – people like quizzes when they’re simple and don’t require pulling an all-nighter (remember those?).

     µ   A yellow or gold button stands out the most when making an opt-in form.

     µ    Embed your freebie in the content of your blog post.

Put a pop up on your website that offers your freebie. (While they may be annoying, they are VERY productive!)  Use words that resonate with your audience like, “Have you gotten your free XXX yet?” Also decide how you want to configure your pop up – to happen immediately, or at some time interval after they have been on your blog, etc. Choose your words wisely.

Create a stand-alone page that you can use to send people to get your FREEBIE offer. All the focus and attention is on your FREEBIE, so there’s no distraction.

Email List Building Tips: #2 – Use a Welcoming Email Confirmation

When you attract someone to raise their hand to get your lead magnet, don’t just deliver the lead magnet. Win them over by affirming where they are in the process and how their decision to get this lead magnet is going to help them. You want to validate their thoughts, concerns and feelings. This is one of the email list building strategies that will build rapport quickly.


Hi there!

I hope you find value in your new download:  [TITLE OF YOUR GIVEAWAY]

While it might not seem like much, you have just taken a big step in building your business.

By grabbing this [title of your giveaway):

     1. you are going to receive … (list the benefits your offer will provide)
     2. you are ready to grow faster than ever
     3. you’re excited, engaged and ready to build your business
     4. you’re smart and want to keep current with all the relevant options
available for growing your business.

So it’s time, dive in to your [free resource]
… and stay posted for a few more fun surprises heading your way soon 🙂


P.S. I’ll be sharing some other awesome tips with you in the coming days…
But if you’re super Type A and have a brain that’s saying “I want the fast track-help me!” Then I want to invite you to skip to the head of the class and…
[BIGGER FREE OFFER – maybe it’s even FREE coaching session with you]

The goal for your welcome email is to set the stage that you are the expert and have a wealth of resources available to help. You want to be a servant.

Throughout this process, you may even give away more than you’re comfortable with. Remember, getting people on your list should be one of your main focuses. Pamper them, give them content they can devour, and serve your audience.

Email List Building Tips:  #3 – Love on Your New List Member

You should have an automatic email responder set up to help with this email list building strategy. Email List Building StrategiesWe use A-Weber, but there are FREE versions out there; for example has a free option, as does

When folks first opt in for your list, that should trigger a follow up series. You’ve probably been on the receiving end of this. When you first opt in to a new resource, you’re greeted on a regular basis by a series of emails.

Once your people opt in, you don’t want to hide from view, but you don’t want to be in their face either. Be respectful and honest in your marketing follow up. Nurture them with emails that will help them get to know you. Aim to make your very first email the best email you’ve ever written. It needs to make them feel important and worthy and give them reason to look forward to reading your future emails.

Schedule your follow up emails with enough space in between that your new list member doesn’t feel overwhelmed. A good rule of thumb is to send the first email with the freebie together with a little education and love, affirmation of where they are and what they’ll get (see previous example). The next email should arrive on Day 3, and then do weekly follow ups after that.

This will allow for your new audience members to start receiving the emails you routinely send out to your list, too. You don’t want them to feel like you are blasting their inbox so they unsubscribe. You can avoid that by giving them content, lots of valuable content.

Your “intentional” email series should focus on nurturing and giving them a ton of value. Use stories with examples of “aha moments” or questions that get them thinking.

You should also ask for a response in each email – whether it be a click for more information (free) or a sign up for some webinar, etc. Get them to respond in small ways with little risk at first so that they will be ready to sign up for bigger stuff later.

Email List Building Tips: #4 – Use Videos of You

Utilize Facebook or Instagram live videos as well as YouTube videos of you teaching, sharing, living life. People connect faster with you when they can see you and hear your voice. Email List Building TipsSo, use video to draw people in and invite them to your list.

Every video should have a call to action, and it can be as simple as – “sign up for  my list to get first access to all the great content, prizes, or announcements we make.

Videos are powerful. More and more people watch videos before reading text. That’s why it’s so important to do both. If you know what your audience wants, or how they devour content, that’s how you want to serve them. Videos allow your audience to see you. They will begin to feel like they know you. They will want to connect with you and get on your list.

When you do a live, you can always go back and edit the post. Your live content can point toward your give away. Create urgency and a strong reason why they should follow you.

Email List Building Tips: #5 – ASK!

There are so many great ways to build your list, but the #1 sure-fire way is to ASK! Ask people for their email so you can add them to your list. Think of creative ways to ask so people feel like they’ll be missing out if they are not on your list. Remember email lists are free, and you want to use these email list building strategies to get more eyeballs on your content.

Happy list building!

David & Dana

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