How to Create an Inspiring Vision Board

What is one sure way to make sure you hit your goals?

When is the last time you thought about the dream life you wish you were living?

Wouldn’t you agree the time we spend building our businesses is taken up with tasks, recruiting, relationship building, closing, and selling? Those things are all TOTALLY necessary to building a successful business. But what’s missing from this mix? Spending time revisiting your dreams and vision every day!

Businesses of all sizes normally have a vision of where they are going. Many people write out their vision for the future, others like to see it so they can visualize themselves in it easily. If you’re a visual, artsy kind of person, then a Vision Board will be the perfect solution for you. If you’re more of a wordsmith or creative writer at heart, a written vision in a Vision Journal will be best. For an inspiring vision board, utilize some of the vision board tips here and apply them to your process.

What is a Vision Board?

Vision Board

A vision board is simply a tool for visualizing what is important to you, goals that you want to accomplish in your life and business. Other names for these might be dream board, wish board, treasure map, etc.  We have our students complete a vision exercise where they think through these vision topics: (1) personal (which can include fitness and health), (2) business, (3) spiritual, (4) relationship, and (5) financial goals or dreams. Dana has a written vision sheet that’s three pages long!

A vision board is, in essence, a collage of words and pictures that represent what you would have written. When you put them all in one place, you can easily visualize them regularly. Daily reminders are very helpful in making sure you reach these dreams. You want to surround yourself with images of your “ideal” life. Think through questions like:

  • Who you want to be?
  • What does a dream day look like?
  • Who is in your life?
  • What “toys” do you want to have?
  • How do you want to serve?
  • Where do you want to live and vacation?
  • What do you want to accomplish in life?

Your vision board can be made using physical products like cork board or poster boards, using online graphic design options, or simply using a WORD document as your blank palette. The purpose is to bring clarity to your vision.  Plus, when you get bogged down, slogging through the everyday work needed to achieve your goals, your vision board can inspire and motivate you to keep going.

Why Make a Vision Board?

Vision Board -- Live Your Dream!

The best way to achieve your goals is to keep them in front of you. When you see them regularly, you begin to look for ways to get closer to achieving those goals. Vision boards serve perfectly for that once you find a strategic place to put them. Dana will have hers right above her computer where she can see it whenever she is working or playing music in her studio. We have learned that visualization activates the creative powers of your subconscious mind. That’s a big deal.

“Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them!”

Jack Canfield

NOTE: If you are not making a physical board, you will want to make a “to-do” item each day to review your vision and then go to your online board or vision journal for your daily dose reminder.

How Do I Make an Inspiring Vision Board?

Visualize Your Ideal Life

Before you start, it’s good to spend some time thinking through some of the things that are most important to you. You can revisit the 5 vision topics (above) as well as the “ideal” life questions (above). Ask yourself, “What do I want out of life in these areas?” Don’t be afraid to dream big. Really dig in and explore what is important to you and the feelings you’d feel when you are living that “ideal” life. If you are preparing a vision journal instead, be sure to write in first person and present tense, as if this ideal life is currently here. That’s an important step for helping you visualize more effectively.

You might find it helpful to even write out your goals and categorize them into short- and long-term goals. Try to focus mainly on goals you can accomplish within 12 months. Some people say it’s helpful to make a new vision board every year. There is a tendency to dream bigger when you start reaching your goals. Some would say to not remove a vision achieved because it can be a positive reminder of the system.

Supply List

  • Poster board or bulletin (cork) board
  • A big stack of different magazines. If you don’t have your own in piles in the basement, you can ask for old copies at libraries, hair salons, medical offices, recycle centers, etc. When you have a variety of different magazines, you’ll see different pictures, ads, words, etc.  
  • Glue (if using poster board). *Tip I learned from some crafty people I know – don’t use Elmers – it makes pages ripple). Rubber cement may be a good option.
  • Pins or tack if you are using a bulletin board.

Simple Steps to Create Your Vision Board

Step 1: COLLECT 

Steps to Create Your Vision Board

Go through your magazines tear out any images that speak to you, inspire you, or make you smile. Don’t question it.  You can also cut out affirmation words like “joyful,” “abundant,” “powerful,” “fearless,” “loved,” or words that fit into some of the dreams and goals you’ve been thinking of. For example, Dana cut out the word “Family.” She’ll have pictures of family, but having the word will jump out and be powerful! Have fun with this step. Focus on how you “feel” about your picture choices. You may even want to play your favorite celebration music.  If you don’t have magazines but are doing this step online, remember you can use ANY image! You don’t have to have usage rights because this vision board is for YOUR EYES ONLY.


Look at the magazine clippings you have chosen and begin laying them out on the board. You can do this collage style, by topic, by progression of most possible to most difficult. The design is up to you. Each picture should tell a story and elicit a positive emotion. You may not even know why you chose some of the pictures you did in Step 1. That’s okay. You’ll realize you’ve collected some that aren’t going to make the cut and you can eliminate them. I have kept an envelope of those unused clippings in case I want to update my board if they “feel right” at a later date.

Step 3: ATTACH

Glue (or pin) everything onto the board. You can add extra artistic touches with paint or markers if you enjoy color and different textures.


Find a place to hang your vision board in a place where you will see it often.

Using Your Vision Board Effectively

Internalizing Your Vision Board

First, display your vision board where you can see it regularly. Spend time each day visualizing, affirming, believing, and internalizing your goals. I like to review my vision board every night before I go to sleep, to prompt my sub-conscious mind to come up with new ideas while I’m sleeping on how to achieve my goals. That way, I wake up in the morning overflowing with motivation to reach my goals.

The important thing is to remember your vision board or journal is for you. It depicts your goals and dreams. We should never compare our vision board to others. Be sure you have used words and images that represent your purpose in life, i.e. your ideal future. Picture yourself living the life depicted on your vision board. Be grateful for everything you currently have and what is yet to come.

If this is a new habit for you, give yourself time to commit to reviewing and imagining at least once daily. Whether you’re just starting your business or been in it for a while, it is always good to revisit your vision and be clear on who you are and what you want. To

We suggest this exercise – creating a vision board – during Step 1 of our signature course, Your Pathway to Profit. To learn more about Your Pathway to Profit, schedule a Your Pathway to Profit Assessment. We’ll explore together where you are on your own pathway and determine what your next step should be. You’ll walk away with actionable steps and clarity on your own business alignment. Schedule your call today.

We hope you enjoy constructing your own vision board and/or journal!

Be well and be blessed!

David & Dana

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