How to Market to a Target Audience: Five Best Practices for Target Audience Marketing

Get this wrong and your whole business will likely crumble!

Here’s the question. Who do you intend to serve in your business?

Please don’t say – “everyone” or “anybody with a pulse.”  That’s a sure recipe for disaster! — It’s essential to learn how to market to a target audience.

This article highlights five best practices for target audience marketing. The practices we share here build on each other and interact together to help you attract the right people.

To begin, you must choose your target.  But don’t worry!  The beauty of marketing to target audiences is that the audience can change. The audience you are serving today doesn’t have to be the same tomorrow. Now if you have a hard time thinking about people with targets on their back, think of your target market as your perfect prospects. So who are they? As you work through these best practices, you may decide your “perfect prospect” is not so perfect, and it’s OKAY to change your target audience.

For example: You may start out marketing to young moms with children under 5, and then realize that your anti-aging products are better for moms with kids in high school. Or, you may have two different products or services and one serves married men and the other serves retired couples. The key is knowing how to market to a target audience.

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Narrow Down and Focus on Your Target Audience: 5 Best Practices

It seems like every attraction marketing course we invest in starts with this basic principle. It’s that important.

We teach on target audience marketing in Day 2 of our 5-day Recruiting Workshop. It’s just that important. It is also one of the 12 steps in our coaching curriculum, Your Pathway to Profit.

So, if you have not narrowed down your target audience yet, don’t delay another moment. Not being clear could be the very reason you are not seeing the success or lasting results in your business you expect or deserve.

You’re probably saying, “but everyone needs my products, I don’t want to leave anyone out.” We have made that mistake. Don’t worry, when you are finally crystal clear on your target audience, you will not exclude the people who really want your product. When you look at your clients or customers, most will be in your target market, but not all. Some people will see the great product you have regardless of how you have been marketing to your target audience.

Let’s take a look at the 5 Best Practices we have determined will help you not only be clear on your target market but help with target audience marketing strategies as well.

Target Audience Marketing Practice #1: Define Your Target Audience

Defining your target audienceHow to Market to a Target Audience is a step that should be done once and then reviewed repeatedly to tweak and improve your definition. Your goal here is to describe your perfect customer or avatar as specifically as you can.

Who will want your product or service? Ask yourself questions like: Are they male or female, single or married, how old, any children, what kind of job do they have, where do they live, did they go to college, do they have pets, do they like to travel, what are their hobbies, and what do they do on weekends? Get creative. The more attention to take on defining your target audience the better. We have even named our avatar.

You may find that this target audience marketing practice gives you an avatar that looks very much like you. That is brilliant, isn’t it? Who better to market to “people like you” than you?

Target Audience Marketing Practice #2: Know Your Target Audience

When you have completed practice #1 appropriately, you have begun to know your target audience.  Now, think empathy. Focus on knowing and understanding their pains and struggles, as well as their joys and dreams. You can already see how much easier it is to serve and sell to them when you know what to say and how to say it! They will feel like you are speaking directly to them.

Make a list of everything you can think of. Ask yourself:Target Audience Marketing What pains or struggles keep them up at night? What makes them happy and content? Do they dream of traveling the world or being able to stay home with their kids (or grandkids)? Do they want to get out of debt because they want to be able to retire someday? Try to understand what particular emotions motivate them to action.

This target audience marketing practice will open for you many opportunities for providing solutions. Look at each of these struggles and figure out how your product or service can solve that problem. As an attraction marketer, you provide solutions. People will buy a solution much sooner than they will buy some product you are selling. Have a list of solutions, too. These lists will be like GOLD for all of your content, emails, posts, etc.

Target Audience Marketing Practice #3: Find Your Target Audience

Next, in order to market to a target audience, you need to know where to find them. Once you are clear on practices #1 and #2, you’ve got the “who” down. Now ask yourself, “Where would these people hang out?”

If you are marketing online,Marketing to Target Audiences there are niche groups in Facebook and LinkedIn. For Instagram and Twitter, people use hashtags to group together and be visible. Hashtags are getting to be more universal on all the sites now to find good prospects. We have details on how you can utilize Facebook groups for recruiting the perfect audience in our 5-day Facebook Recruiting Workshop.

If you are marketing offline, you can find people in malls, coffee shops, etc. Depending on your niche and the avatar you’ve created, you might find fitness buffs at a gym or stay-at-home moms in the park. Again, be creative. Keep in mind who you are looking for and where they hang out.

Be careful with this practice. Once you find your target audience, marketing to them should begin only after you’ve worked into practice #4 and #5 … so you don’t scare away any perfect customers.

Target Audience Marketing Practice #4: Engage with Your Target Audience

This is a step many people want to rush through because they are hungry for the sale. Be careful not to let your hunger get out of control. You want to stand out from the crowd of marketers out there ready to devour the market. You do this by taking time to build rapport with your target audience.

Think relationships.Engage with Your Target Audience You build relationships by providing value. You do this by showing you care. It may take a conversation or providing a tool or resource that gives them a result. It may be sending them a sample.

People are usually not going to buy from you the very first time you contact them. You need to be a welcoming person.  Imagine walking into a store. Someone greets you and generally asks how they can help you. Target audience marketing works just the same. Be a helper, a giver of solutions.

Someone has come to check you out (walked into your store). So, you welcome them and ask how you can help. You are trying to determine their need or interest so you can provide a solution. Will they be ready for your solution? Maybe not right away, so you want to soften them up and lead them into a place of trust. Find a common connection that will bond you.

Remember people can buy the same thing from a million different people (maybe an exaggeration), but you want them to choose you. Standing out from the crowd is how you market to a target audience. We’ll give you more tips and hacks on this in the 5-day Facebook Recruiting Workshop. Even though it’s formulated for Facebook, most of the teachings apply to any social media platform.

Target Audience Marketing Practice #5: Sell to Your Target Audience

This is the last and final step in your target audience marketing practice, but it’s what pays the bills.Target Audience Marketing You must have already succeeded by finding your audience and engaging with your audience. Now it’s time to solve their problems and sell to them. If you solve their problems, they will love you forever. Being a good attraction marketer is having people come to you because you have been attractive and not been sleazy or “salesy.” They see you as an authority and someone who has helped them. They trust you. Sometimes they will even sell themselves. For this target audience marketing practice be sure you know your product and what solution it provides. Share the solution by focusing on the benefits, and when possible the benefit of the benefit.

For instance, using a weight loss example, your product will help young moms lose weight, so they can fit into their skinny jeans again. The benefit is losing weight; the benefit of the benefit is wearing the sexy pants again.  And a benefit of that might be greater confidence! When you are marketing to target audiences in this way – to provide solutions, your sales should go up accordingly.

Target Audience Marketing: Next Steps

It’s good to realize that defining your target audience is clearly one of the first steps to a successful home business.

Learning how to market to a target audience is made easier when you break it down into these 5 practices outlined in this article. To make sure you have nailed this CRUCIAL element in your business, and to practice and implement the 5 practices in your business (remember it’s not just enough to read about it), we challenge you to join our free 5-day Facebook Recruiting Workshop where you’ll5 Day Facebook Recruiting Workshop also learn how to have an improved image on social media, and how to find, engage, and sell to your audience.

As a bonus, you will receive a target market worksheet to complete. This can become a living and breathing document because everything you do to market your business will be easier when you’ve done the work defining your audience with clarity.

Start today becoming a more attractive marketer to your perfect target audience.

God’s blessings to you!

David & Dana

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