How to Start Conversations With Strangers in a Business Phone Conversation

“Stranger danger” when starting a business phone conversation will KILL your business.

If you’re sick and tired of bugging your friends and family and afraid to talk to people you don’t know about your business this is for you!

Do you struggle with how to start conversations with strangers in the first place because you’re an introvert by nature?

It could be that you’re the life of the party, and just don’t know when to turn the conversation from fun to business.

Your fear is real, but it’s time we deal with it! You can even learn to engage people in business phone conversations that end with them asking YOU for details about your products or opportunity. How does that sound?

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Understanding Warm Market Vs. Cold Market

You will run out of your friends and family (your “warm” market). If you are like some people, your warm market can turn very cold if they’ve heard from you before about your “great opportunity.” We can easily get “labeled” in this business as one “those” people always pitching something. It’s the sad truth that many in the industry are ruining it for the rest of us who are trying to make a difference and actually help people. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to start conversations with strangers.

“Cold” market prospecting is an important part of building a successful business.  You are now talking to people you don’t know, but who actually want the products or services you provide.How to Start Conversations with Strangers

Unfortunately, most of us will do almost anything to avoid these uncomfortable conversations! How do you know what to talk about? How do you overcome the fear and actually pick up the phone? What do you say to start a conversation with a stranger?

7 Business Communication Solutions for How To Start Conversations With Strangers

You’ll find these tips helpful in getting past this fear and becoming comfortable talking to people you don’t know. I can remember how uncomfortable that was. Even in a public setting I would always navigate to the people I knew. It was comfortable. But you need to get uncomfortable for a time and get good at talking to strangers. That’s what I did. Believe me, in time, you may find it almost easier than talking with those you already know. That has been my experience, and here’s how you can get started.

Business Communication Solution #1:  Remember it’s SAFE.

There is something “safe”Business Phone Conversation about a business phone conversation as opposed to an in-person meeting. There is a phone line between you. The other person will never know if you are sitting there in your PJs (happy pants as we call them in our house) or in a business suit. If your palms are sweating, who will know but you.

Business Communication Solution #2: Take a DEEP BREATH first.

At some point you just have to do it … summon up the courage to talk to a total stranger about your products or biz!

Take a few deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and hold it for 15 seconds. Then exhale through your mouth. You are moving energy. You are empowering yourself.

Business Communication Solution #3: MOVE around.

This may look different from each of us. Maybe we just tap our foot. Or maybe we’re full out pacing back and forth across the room generating energy. I know a top level marketer who walks around the house to keep the energy moving.

Business Communication  Solution #4: Do your HOMEWORK.

Before you make the call,Business Communication Solutions investigate a little about your prospect. Look at their various social media profiles. Find something you have in common.

If you don’t have access to any of this information because they are just an email and phone number to you, do an area code search and at least figure out where they are. Take note of their time zone if different from yours.

Business Communication Solution #5: Make a FRIEND.

Don’t ever go into the first call thinking, “Sale, sale, sale.” That will not serve you or them. Instead, be looking to build a relationship, like with a friend.

Your marketing will work when you can find out what they need, want, or desire, and then give it to them. We’ve got all sorts of training on this when it comes to identifying your target market. You are trying to uncover something they would be interested in that you have.

Business Communications Solution #6: Use business phone conversation ICE BREAKERS.

We routinely give our coaching clients scriptsStart a Conversation with a Stranger for different types of business phone conversations.  An important caveat, however: any script you are given to use by any source can be helpful in giving you IDEAS, but take caution not to do scripts verbatim because they undoubtedly WILL NOT sound like you. Remember, YOU need to shine through in your marketing. You need to be the one people are seeking for a solution.

Here are a few examples of things you can say to break the ice (be ready with follow-up questions). Note to self – don’t sound like you’re interviewing your prospect – be casual.

“What do you do for a living?”

“What is your favorite thing about your current business venture.”

“Would you say you are more a healthy eating type person or a work it off at the gym type person?

“What is your ultimate goal for your business?”

“Tell me a little bit about ___.” (See Solution #4 and dig deeper into things your prospect is interested in.)

Business Communications Solution #7:  Change your MINDSET.

Getting on the phone can be difficult for people, even with people they know. Let’s face it, not everyone is an outgoing, live it up kind of person who can talk to anyone. There are plenty of introverts that are crushing the entrepreneur life so that excuse is out the door.I Can Start Conversations with Strangers

Start filling your mind with positive statements: People like it when I call because I can help them. I am a servant and must share this value. I am good on the phone. I am valuable. For more mindset articles, we have several to choose from.

Now, Just Do It!  Start a Conversation with a Stranger

The key to getting goodPractice Business Phone Conversations on your business phone conversation is to DO IT! Practice with a partner if you don’t have a lot of “live” calls yet. You will never get better at knowing how to start conversations with strangers by not facing your fear. You will not see more money in your bank account if you don’t get on the phone.

Think through the questions you are going to ask. You might first need to figure out what you want to know or learn about your new friend. Key communication techniques here would be to ask questions that are not answered in ONE word. Ask them to tell you a story. An example might be, “tell me what you are working on” or “what is keeping you busy these days?” You can also ask “getting to know you” type questions to figure out their favorites, whether they prefer Facebook or Twitter or something that will be helpful for you in learning about them and your audience in general. If you ask enough people the same types of questions, you will soon learn a TON about your target audience.

If you are still struggling to get people to talk to in the first place, stranger or otherwise, you should take the next step in your business and invest in some lead generation tools and training.

Business Conversations are Just Part of the Bigger Picture

When you are growing a profitable business, you need to move people from being semi-interested to buying your product or service. You need them to make a decision. Yes or No. If No, you can move on. That’s okay. They are not saying no to you. The Yes response is what you’re going for. Having conversations on the phone (with strangers or prospects) is one way to move people to a decision.

The other four can be found in our article, The 5 Best Ways to Sell Online So People Feel Compelled to Buy. We also train about this in Your Pathway to Profit. They are:

  1. Send an Email
  2. Create a High Converting Sales Page
  3. Start a Challenge
  4. Host a Webinar

If you haven’t had your Pathway to Profit Assessment yet, you should schedule one today. You will then know for sure where you and your business are in terms of the 12-Step Pathway to Profit program. You might be surprised at the steps of success you have left out. The “One Deciding Event” Step comes in at Step #8 in the process. If you leave out earlier steps and strategies, you will not reach your profit potential. Let us help you get you on the road to Your Pathway to Profit with a complimentary call today.

Blessings to you!

David & Dana

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