Increase Traffic to Your Blog: 7 Tips to Attract Visitors to Your Website

Do you have a beautiful blog that nobody sees?

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Since it’s so easy to start a blog these days, lots of people are doing it. You probably put lots of time and effort into the great content you deliver but are at a loss for how to increase traffic to your blog. If you listen to a lot of the gurus out there, they are telling you to spend, spend, spend! You may be afraid to spend money on ads and, otherwise, have no idea how to attract visitors to your website. If not on ads, you may be paying a professional service to help send traffic to your blog. We know from experience, this was our reality, too. It doesn’t have to be this way!

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Is Your Website Ready for More Traffic?

Take Time to Evaluate

Before you attract visitors to your website, you want to make sure you have a few key elements in place. Is your website welcoming? Are your navigation links working properly? Do you have headings that make sense so when people visit your site they understand what you are offering and know where to find it? I might suggest you have a “Start Here” tab that educates your readers on what your website is all about and how it will benefit them.

Be organized

When you increase traffic to your blog you want to do it with intention and on a schedule. Be consistent. Grab a calendar and begin to pencil in the days of the week that you want new content to appear. If you know when you are publishing, you can count back days (or hours) that you devote to actually creating the content. For some people this can take days of research and preparation before an article is ready to be written.

Once you have an intention in mind, you can then begin to schedule out the content itself, that is the topics you will write about. When it comes time to write your posts, there is no question what you are writing. There is a lot of FREEDOM in that. Another benefit is that your audience will begin to expect a new blog post from you, let’s say, on Tuesday and a new YouTube video from you on Friday. Consistency will endear you to your audience and increase your trust with them.

Another benefit of having an organized schedule is you will know exactly what keyword and other research and learning you need to do for each new post. You can even schedule that into your day.

Clarify Your Audience

It is vitally important to ask: Who exactly are you speaking to? What are their struggles? What answers are they looking for?

When you can write blog posts that speak to your audience’s deepest need, darkest hour, or burning desire, you will increase traffic to your blog almost automatically. If you don’t know what is relevant to them, ask! Perhaps you will even want to do a survey. Be careful and alert because the needs of your audience may change from time to time.

7 Killer Tips to Attract Visitors to Your Website

The following tips will help you know how to write to your audience in a relevant way while addressing their needs.

Tip #1: Write Content that Screams “SHARE ME” to Attract Visitors to Your Website

Social Media Sharing

You know what your audience wants. Deliver it in a way that will rock their world. The best way to attract visitors to your website is to get your audience to share your articles.  Your readers will share when you meet their needs. The key here is to give them (1) value which includes wisdom and entertainment; and (2) valid solutions to their problem(s). It’s also been shown that articles longer than 2,000 words find favor with Google, so they are more likely to increase traffic to your blog.­

If you’re looking to gain attention and attract visitors to your website, write about things that are relevant to your audience. New trends are emerging every day. People like to stay ahead of the curve. Visit Google Trends and see what people are interested in and talking about. If you can find something that fits with your niche or business focus, capitalize on this.

Tip #2:  Use Quality Images in Your Posts to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Images will always be pivotal in catching attention. There is an additional benefit as well we often miss. When people like your images, they are more likely to use the image on their own website which will create a backlink. Backlinks are something we’ll cover in another lesson, but for now suffice it to say backlinks are a good thing!

Good images are also easy to share on social media. Using catchy images is great way to increase traffic to your blog from social media platforms. When an article has a great feature photo, others will share and comment. Be sure that you are including that invitation (or instruction) in your posts. Include a clear, direct invitation or call to action (CTA) in all your blog posts. Let your readers know what to do for their next step. Point them to a resource, another blog post, or a product that you can monetize.

Tip #3: Share Stories to Attract Visitors to Your Website

Stories Attract Visitors to Your Website

People love stories. I’m sure you can relate to this. In business, a story or a testimonial can be powerful in inspiring or moving your target audience in the direction you want them to go. When people hear your story, in particular, it will help the connect with you on a more personal, intimate level. You can use this to attract visitors to your website in groups, on your personal profile, and on your business profiles because you are talking about you!

In addition to your own stories, if you can get testimonials from your customers, clients, friends, family, etc., this will speak volumes as social proof for what you are selling or promoting. Always be looking for happy customers and, if you can get them to write-up a short testimony about how you or your product/service helped them, you can leverage these results and reviews often.

 Tip #4: Have WOW Factor Headlines to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Always write your headline, the catch phrase for your blog articles, with both readers and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. Ask questions like: What will grab people’s attention and speak to their needs? What will make the search engines happy? What keywords will be most likely to rank well? The goal here is both appear on page one in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) to get more visitors to your website and thus increase traffic to your blog.

Tip #5: Be Diligent in Your Keyword Research to Attract Visitors to Your Website

Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Keyword research can be one of the most important tasks you master in your business. (Here is some free training on keyword research.) Before you even start an article, you need to know what people are looking for. The search terms they use are called “keywords.” When you can become a master in deciphering the best keywords for a topic you want to write about, this is a sure way to attract visitors to your website. Keywords are the key! However, here’s a tip – be careful not to “over-optimize” because you are writing to humans not machines!  Use these keyword phrases in your titles and content (as indicated in the free training) to maximize your SEO potential.

BONUS TIP: Use your keywords to make a compelling title tag and meta description.

This (outlined in red) is a title tag.
This is the meta-description.

After all, if you have people find you on Google, you want them to CHOOSE you! In addition to using your keywords, elicit emotion above all. You will get more traffic when emotions are involved. Be careful here because Google cuts off your title tags after approximately 50 – 60 characters and meta descriptions after 155 – 160 characters. If you want to see what Google will show for your article, use a tool like SERPsim to preview them and keep them under the limit.

Tip #6:  Refine to Get Your Best Post to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

What we mean here is emphasize the importance of quality over quantity. It is beter to have a great post full of content and value, rather than lots of lesser quality posts that really don’t say anything. You may even be able to combine several “so-so” posts. Look at the content you have posted and see if you can increase its value. As you learn new things, you can always go back and “freshen up” your older posts with the new information you are learning.

You can even be intentional with this and literally schedule your older posts for updating. As your audience grows, it is only wise to bring older articles back into the light. For this, some marketers use a paid post planning service. However, you can do something similar simply using a calendar reminder.

Tip #7: Keep Building Your Email List

Attract Visitors to Your Website

Having a list of people who routinely see your content is crucial. That list should never be stagnant. You want it to grow every day. Our tip here is that you should always be looking for people to add to your email list. People you are talking to, connecting with, sharing your story with are all great prospects to add to your list. You can ask something simple like, “Are you on my email list already? If you’re not, it’s the perfect way to stay in the loop.” Nobody wants to be left out.

In your texting and other social media connections, always focus on getting people to your list. Your email list is YOUR ASSET! It is the venue by which you notify your audience of all new promotions, deals, specials, etc. Your list is something nobody can take away from you. Invite everybody you network with to be on this list! You can read more about follow up sequences and nurturing  your list in other articles on our blog.

BONUS TIP (for extra credit)

There are plenty of other ways to attract organic traffic to your blog. If you are feeling especially social you can invite people to your blog.

  • We talked about leveraging your email list.
  • Post to social media accounts as well. We provide social media marketing best practices in other training videos and articles.
  • Do “blogger outreach” and find other bloggers who have written on similar topics. Send personalized emails to these individuals and explore whether they will link to your article. This works particularly well when you have featured or mentioned them in your article. You may have been approached by other bloggers. You simply do some research by keyword or by the benefit, problem, or topic of your article.

Here you have 7 tips (plus a bonus) to attract visitors to your website and increase traffic to your blog.  Of course, there are many more ways to increase traffic to your blog. For now, however, you have some great tips to attract visitors to your website, so you can to move the process along. If you have followed the outlined steps, you are moving in the right direction.

Next Steps

Your Pathway to Profit, Step 10

Having  a blog that generates a lot of traffic is just one way to deliver content to your audience. If you want to dive deeper, we can take your hand and explore strategies you can use so you’ll always know what to write about without being scattered on your content. That step alone will set you free while making your communication strong and visible. It’s available to you in our signature coaching experience Your Pathway to Profit.  This crucial skill of delivering valuable content comes at Step Ten in our 12-step profit-building system.

To make sure you haven’t left out a single step of your own,schedule a one-on-one 30-minute exploratory call with us, and we’ll be happy to show you where you are on your own pathway to profit.

God’s blessing on your journey,

David & Dana

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  2. This is lovely and very informative, I have been practising all tips mentioned above, nut, where I am still lagging behind, is the aspect of Email List Building, am still having headache on how to have a headway to start building my Lists.
    But, I will try to give a try and see what I will achieve in the nearest future with email listing.

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    This is why I invest in keyword research tool to bring out low competitive keywords

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