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Find out how you can be the Go-To Expert for Home Business Profit Planning!

Take advantage of this rare opportunity. David and Dana designed this course to help people have a profitable future. Since they are taking their business in a different direction, you can benefit with a blast to your bottom line. This all-inclusive course will give you so many options and opportunities to fit any marketing plan. David and Dana are looking for the “right” individual(s) to take this to the next level.

Let’s unpack what you’ll be getting access to (don’t forget the bonuses!)

YOUR PATHWAY TO PROFIT – an “all-inclusive” course currently listed for $1997, selling on webinar for $997 (you could DEFINITELY increase the price considering the content value!)

Our webinar sale conversion rate is 17% – so for 200 attendees per month, potential revenue using our conversion rate would be nearly $34K+!!!

Watch this video (click video image below) to learn more about the course outline for Your Pathway to Profit so you can visualize the 3 distinct stages and how critical they are for an audience growing an online business.

Now watch a short overview of each of the stages, also referred to as transitions and processes, so you can see the VALUABLE contents already created for you. Use these tools, and get ready to be the HERO to your audience!

Click each of the video images to start watching these SHORT summaries.

Watch Stage 1 – Testing Your Foundation for Success

Watch Stage 2 – Laying Your Pipeline for Profit

Watch Stage 3 – Releasing Your Flow of Leads & Cash

Courses are great because they monetize your genius over and over again.

But EVERYBODY as a course these days it seems.

If you don’t have your own course yet, YOUR PATHWAY TO PROFIT is the perfect solution. It will blow your mind!

If you already have a course – it’s probably NOT like YOUR PATHWAY TO PROFIT!

You know that to standout you need something unique.

What makes this course unique from all the other business strategy courses?

Think outside the box and this course becomes your very own Home Business Certification Program! (ka-CHING$!)


  • Your very own URL – branded to you à YourPathwayToProfit.com  
  • Promotional materials so you can start selling right away:  (1) Webinar funnel; (2) webinar scripts and slide decks
  • Your own raving fans – 75K of them. We’ve built a following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Change up the branding and you’re all set. Don’t forget to nurture them and remind them how special they are!
  • Legal transition COMPLETELY PAID FOR! We’re doing this right and want you to have the assurance that this intellectual property is rightfully yours.

Schedule a time to find out if YOUR PATHWAY TO PROFIT is a good fit for your business model. All questions are welcome!

This valuable asset won’t be available for long!

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