Write Irresistible Emails People Will Gladly Open

Are you struggling to get people to open your emails?

Are you wondering what you can do to stand out, so people notice your emails in their over-stuffed inboxes?

You’ve heard that “building your list” is the way to have a sustainable business. Everybody does it. You’re probably on email lists for a dozen or more businesses. Take a look at your inbox. It’s overflowing.

In this article we’ll dive into how to write irresistible emails people will gladly open, as well as the most common subject line hacks you can use right away.

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Start With What You Know

Ask these questions because they will shed light on what you should do for your business:

  • What catches your eye?
  • Why do you open certain emails and not others?

Your own patterns will help you in designing your own email style, especially if you are serving an audience that looks very much like you. Many marketers have narrowed their niche down to a place where they fit as the best customer or prospect. If you’re just getting started and haven’t really thought about who you are serving with your market, check out How to Market to a Target Audience.

7 Hacks To Getting Good At Creating Eye-Catching Subject Lines

Let’s face it,Eyecatching, Irresistible Email emails with boring subject lines are going straight into the trash! No matter what, get to the point. The subject line is meant to catch attention.

  • Be unexpected – curiosity or mystery, off-kilter but still relatable
  • Be short – devices limit what is shown
  • Be about them – what will benefit your reader, what are they going to get “join us today and get…”
  • Be urgent – instill a fear of missing out “today only”
  • Be numbered – use figures, percentages, time stamps
  • Be full of “power words,” such as “introducing,” “celebrate,” “latest”
  • Be inquisitive – ask an open-ended question

Becoming Irresistible To Your Market

Once people open your email, what are they going to find? You want them to meet an irresistible character (YOU) in each email. This character should be someone they love and aspire to be more like. When people can relate to you, they begin to trust you, and BAM, they buy from you. The catchy subject line was just the bait, you need to hook them with YOUR personality.

Before you try to run the other way saying, “I’m not interesting,” or “I’m not funny,” or whatever limiting belief you are spouting out at this moment, have no fear. You can CREATE an irresistible character. You can learn how to be so attractive that people will rush to open each of your emails.

In his book, Dotcom Secrets, Russell Brunson shares about his “Attractive Character.” That was so powerful, that I have taken my own twist and call my email buddy the “Irresistible Character.”  Here’s my take on Brunson’s great content.

This persona that comes through in your emails is YOU. A little more creative you. A more purposeful you. A work in progress you. Your irresistible character should evolve as you grow as well. Sometimes we even “grow into” our irresistible characters out of necessity, repetition, or because we fall in love with them, too.

What are the Elements of an Irresistible Character?

  1. Tell Your Backstory.Elements of an Irresistible Character

    Don’t be afraid to let people know where you have been. Were you down and out on the streets until you found this amazing product? The people in your audience need to get to know you. What makes you tick. Use pieces of your historical background that your audience can identify with. Maybe you have shared experiences. You also want to relate these situations to the product or service you are selling.

  1. Share Your Stories.

    Make your emails personal. Share real-life stories that help illustrate a relevant point regarding what you are promoting. A mentor once told me my emails were too “sterile.” I needed to inject more of “me” into them. I suppose that came naturally from 30+ years of legal writing, and then I realized even that was just a “story” I was telling myself. I was a good writer, I just needed to let my personality shine. It was a simple tweak in my style. After all, legal documents are usually boring, right?

Think of fun and inspiring things your Irresistible Character has done in life. You can even embellish it to make your point more memorable. You want your stories to teach a bit of a lesson, too. Figure out what point you are trying to make, and then think of a life experience that helps your audience to understand.

  1. Reveal Your Weaknesses.

    Don’t be afraid to reveal some character flaws or imperfections in your Irresistible Character’s world, so people can identify with you more easily. You don’t what your Irresistible Character to be too perfect. You are trying to draw out their empathy. Remember, even Superman had his kryptonite. If you’ve got something you struggle with, call it out, attack it, and let your audience see you being transparent and real with them.

  1. Take a Stand.

    Don’t be afraid to polarize your audience with your position. If you are passionate about something or have an opinion on a hard matter, don’t keep it to yourself. It can be extremely frightening to be that exposed. People will be drawn to you more than ever. The wrong people will run the other way. It’s okay to develop haters and raving fans. That’s the whole idea. Why do you want to have a bunch of potential haters on your list?

What are Common Identity Traits of an Irresistible Character

  1. Confident Leader. You are confident because you have already successfully achieved the desired result. Now it’s time to share it.
  1. Passionate Reporter. You have a dream and are in the process of discovering how to get there. You are still blazing the trail yourself, but you are learning how it all works. As a reporter, it’s your job to share what you are discovering. Since you are simply reporting what you know to be true, people will sense your sincerity.
  1. Humble Hero. Despite success, show humility. Who likes to follow a showoff? Don’t clamor for the spotlight. Be down to earth in your approach. After all, you believe it is your moral duty to share what you know, right? People will be drawn to that.
  1. Share your journey to discover the truth. You’ll find treasures along the way, so be sure to share those with your audience. People are often afraid to venture out on their own. When they can live “vicariously” though you and what you are doing, it helps them feel like they can do it too. You are blazing the trail. Capture their attention and get them to follow you. They’ll soon follow you anywhere.

6 Basic Storylines To Be Told By Your Irresistible Character

Storylines To Be Told By Your Irresistible CharacterWhen you are crafting your email series or even individual broadcasts, you’ll find it easier if you follow some basic story lines. There are plenty more, but here are six to help you get your creative juices flowing. When you make your emails conversational and full of interesting content, people will open them more regularly.

  1. Loss and Redemption.

    We all want to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel or treasure at the end of the rainbow. It would go something like this: “I had everything, then ___ happened. I had to figure out how to ___. It was really a blessing in disguise because I learned ___. Now I am so much more ____.”

  1. Us vs. Them.

    This is another place where you can polarize your audience. Talk about something for which you have allegiance. In this story line you employ the “take a stand” element of an irresistible character.

  1. Before and After.

    We’ve all seen before and after pictures plastered all of over social media. People still love to see people succeeding. When I see those stories, I’m delighted for people’s transformations. Does that mean that everyone needs to see them? Will an acne free face thrill a person who has never had a blemish in her life? Or how about all the diet success stories? If you’re not overweight, it probably doesn’t resonate with you. But if your audience is craving a transformation that is visible in a picture, this can be powerful.

In an email, you don’t necessarily have the graphic pictures to sell your products. But the written word is just as powerful. Your before and after story-lines go something like this: “First I was __, and now I am ___.” People love to hear and see transformations. Use this type of email story-line often.

  1. Amazing Discovery.

    Irresistible EmailThis can be nearly an “over-the-top” style email, oozing with excitement. Use language like, “I can’t believe it. I didn’t know that this was even possible. This is definitely the answer I’ve been looking for.” You can either use this story line to evoke curiosity, or you can be fully transparent about the “amazing” discovery.

  1. Secret Telling.

    This is the ultimate in curiosity style emails. I’m not sure how I personally feel about it. It has to be good, not a wishy-washy secret. If you want people to take action on your email, and that’s how we make money, then you need your secret to be sizzling hot. If they want to have access to this “secret,” then they have to do something. You use this email story to lure people into clicking a link, attending a webinar, trying a free week of your product, etc.

  1. Third Person Testimonial.

    Any time you can get somebody to relate to you about their experience with your product or service — write it down. Testimonials are like icing on the cake. We all want to know something is going to work. So, use testimonials and guarantees as a security blanket for the new customer just joining your list. It is also affirmation for those who know you better. You’ve heard it said – “word of mouth” is the best advertising of all. Testimonials are exactly that.

Next Steps on Your Pathway to Profit

Your Pathway to ProfitWe cover email marketing and other tips and strategies for making your communication strong in our signature coaching experience, Your Pathway to Profit. You can even dig deeper into the psychology of writing and becoming the best copywriter there is. We have invested in many different copywriting courses during our own training phase to become marketing coaches. After all, you can’t teach until you learn a skill yourself. This crucial skill of email marketing comes at Step Seven in our 12-step profit-building system.

To make sure you haven’t left out a single step of your own, schedule a one-on-one 30-minute exploratory call with us, and we’ll be happy to show you where you are on your own pathway to profit.

God’s blessings to you!

David & Dana

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