14 Hacks & Tips To Maximize LinkedIn for Small Business

Why Use LinkedIn for Small Business?

LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals. As of early 2020, there were approximately 675 million monthly users on LinkedIn. Men outnumbered women in those stats 57% to 43%. LinkedIn is a great platform used by many as a job resume, virtual business card, and networking information tool. But it’s so much more than that!

Because LinkedIn is business oriented in nature, you can get to business a lot faster than on some of the other social media platforms. Of course, building relationships is still key in any business situation, so never forget you are communicating with other human beings.

Another thing I enjoy about LinkedIn is, it is not a spam and pitch free-for-all. In fact, you will find a lot more valuable content shared here and not a lot of the fluff you see on other platforms. To be seen as an authority, you will want to post regular status updates, articles, and/or videos, and invite your connections into conversations regularly.

Top 6 Hacks to Set You Apart on LinkedIn for Small Business

#1 – A Good Profile Can Attract the Right People Who are Looking for You

It is easy to set up a profile on LinkedIn. However, many people miss out on the power of a good profile in attracting the right people. For example, when you use keywords that people are searching for in the right places, you become more visible. We put together a free training on elements of a good profile which you can watch: “How to Make a Great LinkedIn Profile.” To get professional feedback on your LinkedIn profile, request a LIVE LinkedIn Profile Audit with Dana.

#2 – Powerful Search Feature to Find Highly Targeted Connections

Top 6 Hacks to Set You Apart on LinkedIn for Small Business

Once your profile is ready to welcome connections and new business partners, it’s time to find them. For this, you can use LinkedIn’s powerful search feature to enter criteria to find suggested connections. Be intentional and build a targeted network of friends and connections on LinkedIn. We devote one whole training in our course, Master LinkedIn for Profit, to finding the right people on LinkedIn.

#3 – Create Your Own Group to Nurture and Build Relationships

LinkedIn Groups

Like on other social media platforms, you can create your own group on LinkedIn. What would your best prospects be interested in? That is the kind of content you want them to be able to find in your group. What is nice about your own group is you control who is in the group by inviting them!

One strategy you can use is to join other groups in your niche. You can be in up to 50 groups. Pick one of your favorites, then look at the members page for people you would like to invite to your group.

In groups, you can message other group members without being connected to them. This is a nice perk. For example, you can message them, send a connection request, and personally invite them into your group. Always focus on the benefit they will receive and why you think they would be the perfect fit.

#4 – Use your 2000 Word Summary Wisely

Along with having a strong, professional profile, you need to leverage the “real estate” you have in your Summary. You are given 2000 words. That’s a lot of words. This is your chance to introduce yourself, tell a story, give bullet points of the benefits you deliver, introduce links to great resources, use testimonials.

Let the people coming to your profile get to know you. What’s some of your best stuff? Put it in your summary. Depending on your style, it can be conversational, informational, or a combination. A well-crafted Summary can help set you apart and attract the right people to you,

#5 – Upload Videos (10 Minute Limit)

You can’t livestream video on LinkedIn (at the time this article is published). However, you can upload raw video footage so long as it is less than 10 minutes in length. I like that LinkedIn limits it’s videos to 10 minutes. That is plenty of time to deliver great content that will help your audience. Having a time limit keeps you on point and there is less rambling. Here are some video tips for you.

  • The thumbnail that generates will be the very first frame of your video. So be sure the video you upload has something decent for your first frame. We suggest you edit your video by adding a custom thumbnail you make on Canva.com as the first frame.
  • Make sure your video speaks to your audience by motivating, teaching, or sharing your perspective on a relevant topic
  • Jump right in. LinkedIn videos don’t need an introduction like you often do for YouTube videos.
  • Use captioning because people are “reading captions” and not necessarily listening, especially when they are on mobile devices.
  • Make sure you put a post along with the video that provides value all on it’s own (just in case the people don’t watch the video).

#6 – Use Sponsored Updates (paid ads)

We haven’t used this hack for our own business yet. But we do know that you can really target your audience effectively and have great visibility.

8 Tips to Use LinkedIn for Small Business Effectively

Tips to Use LinkedIn for Small Business Effectively
  1. Use tracking and analytics to see what’s working. Linkedin has some built in statistics that will help you determine what posts work best with your audience, including videos vs. YouTube. You can track patterns as well.
  2. All the content you post on LinkedIn should have two goals in mind: (1) to teach something that solves a problem while (2) establishing you as an authority.
  3. When you send a connection request, send a note with your request including a valid, individualized reason for your interest in them.
  4. Send welcome messages to your new connections. Thank them for the connection, invite them to your email list explaining what they can expect to receive from you. Or you can offer them something helpful (commonly referred to as a “lead magnet”) in exchange for their contact information. In your welcome message, offer to look at something of theirs, too.
  5. Keep your branding consistent between all social media, including LinkedIn. This is good practice so that people coming from other platforms will recognize you.  
  6. Network with others like you would at a BIG company event. Of course, you could pay thousands of dollars to attend a live event to meet other “like-minded” entrepreneurs. You would devote days to the event itself, along with devoting great amounts of time to the pre-event preparations and post-event follow ups. By contrast, on LinkedIn, you spend a fraction of the time and there is a free version of LinkedIn for connections.
  7. Be respectful in your posts. Don’t spam offers all the time. You can direct people to your articles with calls to action that move them along in your sales process. You will notice LinkedIn is one of the platforms still free (for the most part) from all the salesy gimmicks you see on other social media platforms. Let’s work together to keep it that way!
  8. Visit groups for research for your own business. Because you want to stay relevant, use the “right” language that speaks to your niche audience. Groups on LinkedIn are a great place to gather information. Not only can you listen in to the conversations people are having, you can interact as well. When people see you offering good comments or suggestions, it can motivate them to connect with you.

LinkedIn Is S.M.A.R.T. for Business

LinkedIn Is S.M.A.R.T. for Business

The LinkedIn platform is…

S ophisticated and Professional
M arketer’s Dream Platform
A ctive and Alive
R elational
T rending For Help Wanted

The first thing you need to do is set up a profile that is welcoming and professional. We’ve got you covered with some FREE training.

To help you dig deeper and learn how to find the perfect prospects, the best ways to connect and be seen, and tips on automation to make handling your LinkedIn account more time efficient, we put together Master LinkedIn for Profit, a short course with easy-to-consume modules you can watch over and over again to make sure your LinkedIn profile is ready for business.

Don’t miss out on another lead! That’s why to use LinkedIn for Business.  Learn how to connect and start conversations that will move your connections from lukewarm to sizzling hot! Grab your copy of Master LinkedIn for Profit today!

God’s blessings to you!

David & Dana

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