Make Money Blogging Online: 5 Simple Keys to Having a Successful Blog

Have you ever thought you might want to make money blogging online?  Why?  Well …

Are you wanting an extra vacation this year to get away from the rat race?

Are you looking for creative ways to pay down your student loans?

There are so many people looking for ways to make money; blogging online is one, probably the best, way I know!

Show me how to blog – you say!!

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Getting Started So You Can Make Money Blogging Online

There are some necessary toolsMake Money Blogging Online to get started with having a successful blog. Like a blog! You can get one HERE included for free.  Website setup is beyond the scope of this article; so, here’s an article about blog setup that will walk you through that process in detail, step by step.

Now, here are two important tips to keep in mind from the beginning:

  1. You don’t NEED to be an expert – get it out there. Some top earners have ugly websites. I cannot lie, only give my opinion. However, if they are converting and bringing people in the fold, then that speaks to me. I’m striving for excellence, but I’m not going to hide while I’m getting there!!
  2. You won’t EVER make money without a blog. Look at the successful businesses out there. What’s a common theme? Blogs, websites with content that helps solve people’s problem.

So you’re ready. You have your website all set up, ready to start making money online blogging.

If you don’t have your website ready to go yet, give us a call or schedule a FREE 15-minute planning/coaching session with us. Click HERE for access to our calendar.

Here we go!

How to Make Money Blogging Online

With a website, you have power. You have something that is yours. All yours. Think of it as your home on the internet.Having a Successful Blog It’s like you are inviting people in to get to know you and what you have to offer them. When you treat it as the special place it is, people are going to be drawn to it, and you are going to have more and more people exposed to your stuff. With more exposures will come more sales, and that’s how you make money blogging online!

Next, you need clarify exactly WHO you are speaking to.  You want to gear your website very preciselyBlogging: The Fast Track to Becoming an Authority for your target audience and your future business partners. Give them what they want. Solve their problems with what you have on your website.  To learn the 7 steps to building an audience and creating huge results, download our Free guide, “Blogging: The Fast Track to Becoming an Authority in Your Niche!

When you’re a blogger who specializes in communicating through words, visual design may not be your top concern. However, it needs to be a very close second!  We all know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but the truth is, we do. And, we each judge things differently.

Book covers I would be attracted to look different from the ones David would pick. But I’m not talking about book covers.  You see, the same is true of your blog.

Critical to having a successful blog …
Make sure your theme is attractive and easy to read

5 Keys to Having a Successful Blog

Pick no more than 3 Fonts and Colors. If you’re like me, you like cool fonts. It can be tempting to use a lot of different ones. However, too much variety can be a bad thing and overwhelm your audience. So, one for your headline, one for your text, and maybe a third in your logo.

Choose a color scheme that is pleasing to the eye, and again, no more than 3. Find colors that contrast or complement each other.

Include plenty of white space.  Don’t worry about wasting space – it is actually helping people to focus their attention on what’s important. Think of it as breathing room so your text doesn’t get all crowded.

You wouldn’t want people to miss any of your great content. Simple wins the blog design game. Avoid long paragraphs and especially long run-on sentences. I’m guilty of that one!

Create a unique logo. People remember unique, and you want to stand out. There are a lot of blogs out there, and you want to be memorable. So, use your logo everywhere, not just on your website.

This is probably something you want to outsource. However, a great resource I like to use is I have also seen lots of people use and make wonderful logos. If you’d like some direction with that, just ask me! Canva is great for creating your own masterpiece images, too.

Make your posts scannable.  You don’t want a lot of text without subheadings to set apart your sections and ideas. This way people can easily digestMake Money Blogging Online and engage with your content. People often skim when they read, so make sure your main ideas are set apart, easy to glance at.

  • Paragraphs should be short.
  • Use bulleted lists or numbered items when possible.
  • Always include pictures to boost the visual experience.

Always include a Call to Action (CTA). You want your blog to convert your readers into customers. You may also encourage them to share your post on their social media to increase your reach.

Don’t bury your call to action. It can be in the text, but you can also use a pop-up that appears when your website loads. Be careful not to include too many CTAs, or that can both annoy and confuse your readers. Be creative, and don’t use the same language every time. Make sure your calls to action are prominent on your blog.

At the end of the day, you can make money blogging online. Your blog doesn’t have to be perfect at first. So, get it out there and then start making changes.

What do I Write About in My Blog?

The most important thing is what you put on your website. You must give VALUE, VALUE, VALUE! These valuable posts need to SOLVE people’s problems. So, the better you know the hopes, dreams, problems, and challenges of your audience the more on target your content will be.  In other words, having a successful blog means you are helping people!Ray Higdon, The 3-Minute Expert

Ray Higdon, a million-dollar earner in the home business niche, has a created a resource called, the 3-Minute Expert, helping many double and triple their businesses using blogs. He’s written books, and spoken all over the world, sharing the stage with other industry giants like Les Brown, Brendon Burchard, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Eric Worre.

Ray Higdon's 3-Minute Expert

Ray is a talented writer and has a very successful blog. He has a lot to say about the importance of a blog and creating a place for YOU in your niche. A blog is a fantastic way to showcase what you are good at, get people to recognize you as a leader in that space, and what happens next is magic! You start making money blogging online!

In other words, …

  • What you write about is what you know.
  • What you write about is what you’re learning or just learned.
  • What you write about puts you and your experience in the story.

You are valuable. You have knowledge, and you have worth! Don’t keep it to yourself. Write it out and share it. It’s that simple – you blog what you know. And where the magic starts is when peopleShow Me How To Blog start looking to YOU to learn what they don’t know.

There will always be someone more “expert” than you on a given subject, that’s okay. Keep learning from them.  However, when you share what you learn you become that “expert” to the next guy. Monetize that, and you are making money blogging online!

When you know what you are going to talk about, you NEED to optimize your post organically so that more eyeballs see it. After all, if you’re going to write something to share, you should really share it with the most people. In other words, help as many people as you can. How? By using  keywords!

BONUS: The best blog posts have keywords written into the text. Those keywords consist of the phrases people are searching for, a little string of words.  That’s a huge topic in itself, beyond the scope of this article, but we’d still love to give you some FREE training on this.  Click the following link to get this Keyword Research SECRET.

A lot of what we have learned, we have learned from Ray Higdon.  If you’re serious about learning to blog from an expert, we encourage you to check out Ray’s course the 3-Minute Expert.  You even get a 30-Day Risk Free Trial!  Just click the button.

Ray Higdon's 3-Minute Expert

We’d love to look at your website when you get it posted! If you share your blog address with us privately, we’d be happy to come check it out!  Hope you enjoy these resources!

Happy blogging!

David & Dana

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