How to Market Your Business on Social Media: Your Ultimate Guide

Isn’t it time you figured out how to market your business on social media once and for all and harness its power for your business? Don’t get left behind!

Many businesses are moving online these days. Many others have always been online but are stuck in old patterns that aren’t working anymore.

If you’re a busy parent whose kids are keeping you on the go — so busy you don’t know if you’re coming or going, mastering the skill of marketing your business on social media will be a life saver. Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend more time with them before they’re off to college?!

Become a problem solver for your friends on social media. More and more people are looking for how they can get an alternate stream of income. Their paychecks don’t quite make it anymore. For some, there are special events coming up that will require extra cash to afford – weddings, vacations, building a new house!

Stressed with finances? Want more time? Wondering where do you start? — Then consider learning how to market your business on social media.

Maybe you don’t even have a business yet. There are so many opportunities and so many voices out there. Where do you turn?

When we realized we were never going to be able to afford the lifestyle we really wanted in retirement without some significant change, we did our homework and found mentors online that we trusted. In the process, we followed quite a few people, bought a lot of courses, went to training events, and paid nearly $100K for the education — much of it on things that didn’t work. We were beginning to feel overwhelmed and lost.

What Changed Things for Us …

When we heard about Attraction Marketing, it all started to make sense. We now have access to tools and education to make those tools work to grow our business and help others along the way do the same! We don’t want you to feel as lost as we did.

One of the best things we have learned is how to market our business on Social Media. The principles we will share apply to both affiliate and network marketing on social media.

Of course, this step of building a business happens only after you have one. Many of you have a business you love and are ready to go. Jump ahead to the 4 Principles.

If you are still looking for an opportunity because you know you want that extra paycheck, great! The first step for you is to determine your target market, that is, who do you want to serve? Then, if you don’t have a product or service, check out our articles What Is the Best Home Business to Start?  and How to Become a Business Owner With Zero Home Business Startup Fees which will give you some tips on picking the right business for you.

4 Basic Principles for How to Market Your Business on Social Media

Most people are already on social media of one form or another. From Facebook to Snapchat, from Instagram to LinkedIn, the options fit every taste and style. Here are 4 principles to keep in mind when marketing your business online.

1) Social media isSocial Media Marketing meant to be social.

In our busy world, your open times may not be your friends’ open times, so you communicate on Social Media to stay connected. This way you can connect in a way that works for each other’s schedule.

2) Use Social media to make friends and expand your network.

There are so many people on Facebook and other social media platforms you will never stop meeting new people. You may run into the same folks running around in the same circles as you do. That’s great!

You want to get to know a LOT of people and to build relationships with others in your niche. If you want your business to grow, your network needs to grow as well. A simple tip to keep in mind is: Be friendly and sincere. Treat people as a friend first, a potential customer or business partner second. That may seem like a no-brainer, but it is very easy to start seeing dollar signs instead of real people when you’re marketing online.

3) Engage in LOTS of conversations and be real.

If people you are not familiar with are going to take a look at you or your business, you need to be friendly and sincere. It’s helpful to check out someone’s profile FIRST, to see if they fit your target market and to find out what you have in common to talk about. Spend time getting to know them and engaging with their posts. You are building your “know, like, and trust factor” which will make or break your business success. Taking the time to do a little “research” first will save you time in not talking to the wrong people, people you just don’t jive with. After all, wouldn’t you prefer to work with people YOU like as well?

4) Use Social media connections to transition to leads, referrals, customers, distributors.

As you have conversations with your current and new friends to build your business, you are looking to discover a pain or problem that you can solve with what your business offers. When you can determine that someone is, for instance, unhappy in their job, or afraid of being laid off, then it is only natural, “as a friend” to offer to help solve your friend’s challenge. We have numerous resources to help you with this transition to business so that they say “Yes!”

Our First Tips for Affiliate or Network Marketing on Social Media

Our first tip for how to market your business on social media is: pick a social media platform that works for you. For instance, don’t pick Instagram if you know nothing about it. We use Twitter and Facebook, and have a strong presence on Instagram. We have learned a lot about LinkedIn as well.

Our second tip is this: learn the principles – they apply across all social media. For this article, we’ll focus on Facebook since it currently has the largest audience. You can always learn Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or another media next, once you are happy with the results you start seeing from Facebook.

Step 1: Update with Your Facebook Profile

Your profile represents you. Imagine going into a store and being greeted by the store owner. The owner, not the manager. That’s a big deal. Did they impress you? Did you feel enough trust in them that you wanted to do business with them? That’s what your profile is doing for people coming to you. How are they being welcomed?

     Here are some tips to get your profile up to snuff:

  • Your profile & posts must be public. You can change that in Settings.
  • Your profile picture should be just you, looking friendly, and smiling.
  • Your cover photo should NOT be your company logo or products. Brand YOURSELF! Find a lifestyle picture that features you having fun, or find a meaningful quote or something uplifting.
  • Clean up your timeline. Check all your posts to make sure you aren’t being negative or offensive. If you already have a business and were told to post your products, then STOP and pull them down. I know it’s hard, I’ve been there. It isn’t helping grow your business.
  • Write a short and concise “Intro.” Help people get to know you. Select the “Edit Profile” button to do this.
  • Make sure your “featured photos”, those under your Info and background are welcoming and fun. You can select these when in “Edit Profile” tab.
  • For a free guide which reveals 5 Tips to Turn Your Profile Into a Lead-Generating & Sales Converting Machine, check out Facebook Profile Profits.

Step 2: Be Intentional with Your Posts

All of your posts should have a purpose and be well thought out.  We heard this and much more from Erin Birch, one of the coaches at a workshop we attended in Austin, TX.  You can overhear a little of our what she taught here in this short clip.

To stay up-to-date, click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Facebook algorithms and rules are always changing. But what remains constant is that you always want to post good quality content. Think of your posts as the message you want to share with your business prospects.

For your posts to be seen by the most people, it’s best to post 1-3 times per day. These posts should be spaced out for best results. Otherwise, you’re competing against yourself! That is, Facebook will choose which post to show. Posts that get engagement will continue to be shown.

There are many kinds of things you can post. Make a plan of how you are going to rotate these. Always think of your audience and how you want them to perceive you and what you have to offer. What does your audience want or need? What “solutions” would make their day and cause them to reach out for more information?

Keep an attitude of gratitude at all times. Don’t be afraid to give, give, give.

Some post examples include:

  • Story posts that share something about you or an experience you have had. These can be raw and heartfelt.
  • Curiosity posts will tease your audience about something you have to offer or a solution you have to their problem
  • How-to posts will provide some sort of content that benefits your audience. These are very popular right now, especially on YouTube. (Note: your Facebook Lives can be converted to YouTube – this will be another blog article coming soon!)
  • Inspirational posts – this can include quotes. Be sure when you post a quote to add a caption to make it yours. Be careful not to post ALL quotes. You’ll see profiles like this and I like to think of these folks as “lazy marketers”. A good rule of thumb here is to ask a question to elicit some responses and engagement.
  • Educational posts can be utilized when you have learned something you want to share. These aren’t quite the same as “how to” posts, but have the same intention – to help others.
  • Lifestyle posts allow people to see inside your private life. This can be a little daunting if you’re a private person. It’s helpful to remember that you are a business owner and you are trying to attract your tribe to you. If you are having fun and living life out loud, then it is easier for those looking for the same kind of lifestyle to resonate with you.
  • Celebration posts show people the system works. Don’t be shy – share your wins in the business. Examples like: ten leads while you were sleeping, first signup, dream board item accomplished. If you aren’t having “wins” yet, don’t be afraid to use those of teammates or mentors.

     Here are some posting tips for you!

  • Don’t post links! Links kill engagement and make you look like you’re selling something. Facebook doesn’t want people to leave Facebook, so they will not “reward” you if you have a link in your post. To get around this, many of us marketers are putting the link in the comments. Better yet, encourage engagement and ask a question. People love to give their opinions.
  • Always have a Call To Action (CTA). This could be as simple as “To receive x, drop a comment or send me a private msg.” If you see a comment, add your comment tagging them to “check your messages.”

Step 3: Grow Your Network

Whether you have 0 FacebookBuilding Your Network friends or 2,000 Facebook friends, there are strategies to get more. Facebook has a cap of 5,000 friends, so you want to be somewhat discerning in sending out friend requests. However, you can also “follow” people. It’s one way to begin engagement.

Take time each day to like and comment on other people’s posts. You will get more in return. It is especially helpful if you do this BEFORE you post your own content. Facebook will show your posts to more people if you are actively engaging with others.

Growing your network is what is important here. The more eyeballs that see what you have to say the better. Again, be discerning: we have learned that we can expose a lot of people to great content, but if they are not the “right” people, the message gets lost and doesn’t go anywhere. That’s why it is so important to KNOW your target market. Everything you do is with your target market in mind.

     Tips to Growing Your Network

  • Find the right people, and follow at least 10-20 persons per day on Facebook. Here is one strategy to find these people.
    Go to the Facebook page of an industry or niche leader. Find a post that is getting a lot of engagement. Click on the LIKES, and it will bring up a list of those people. Scroll through and find people you have friends in common with. Hover over their name, and you will see if there is a FOLLOW option. If there is, follow.
  • Engage with friends by complementing and encouraging them on their posts. Their friends will see your comments and likely to seek you out.
  • Engage in conversations. This can be with current friends or new friends. If new friends, look for those things you have in common and begin a conversation. (Yes, you will have to creep on their profiles.)
  • Send 5-10 friend requests per day (never more), and always send a Messenger message to accompany that request. Let them know where you saw them, what interested you in reaching out. Be a friend not a business shark.
  • Search for networking groups. There are so many groups on Facebook. Think of your niche and put those words in the search bar. Groups will often have rules, so you will want to be careful to follow all rules. Some groups will have entrance requirements or questions. There are many ways to leverage Facebook groups, and we will handle this in future trainings.
  • Message new friends and begin conversations. NEVER lead with your opportunity. You are making a friend. Do it online like you would do it offline. It may take some time, but it will benefit you in the long run. You will be able to discern the quality prospects. Good questions to begin to transition would be “what’s working well for you?”
  • Always ask a question. If you feel it’s too personal, add your answer. For example: “What brought you into the business? I started my business so that I could pay for travel to see my children who live all over the world.”
  • The faster you want to build your business, the more conversations you’re going to need to have.
  • Be relentless in your follow up. Get yourself organized so that you remember who you have talked to when and what you talked about. People will not join you on the first conversation. Generally, it will take 7-10 touches.

Step 4: Engage with Your Network

The first step to getting your business started is to build your audience. As you succeed in getting more and more people listening, you need to engage with them.

Any smart Building Your Networkcommunicator will tell you that one of the most important skills you can attain is the art of listening. This is critical in both affiliate and network marketing on social media. You will find many other marketers out there that seem to like only to hear themselves talk. Set the bar higher for yourself.

After all, we are here for the customer and future business partner. We need to LISTEN. Once you have someone from your audience that has moved into the prospect role, it is even more critical that we listen to what they are saying … or not saying.

Your number one job as a marketer is to find your prospect’s pain. What is their struggle? What is it that you can fix? If you’re like me, you really get jazzed by helping people. Share your own story so they can find themselves in your struggle. Then, your solution will be that much more powerful for them because it worked for you.

A good tactic when doing affiliate or network marketing on social media is to use voice messaging so your prospect can “hear” your voice, your inflection. It’s hard to hear your passion in a series of text messages.

     Tips for Engagement

  • Position yourself as an authority by offering good value, being a giver, and being consistent.
  • Complement and validate what your prospect says. Always look for something positive to say or share.
  • Be a visionary and paint a picture in your prospect’s head of the amazing future they can have when your solution helps them move beyond their current problem.

Step 5: Sell to Your Network

When you get an indication thatSell to Your Network your prospect is now interested in what you are offering, a new type of discernment is necessary. How serious are they? Are there any obstacles in the way? What is holding them back from getting started right now? It might be time to jump on a call and/or bring in your “upline” to help you.

One key thing to remember here is to avoid the pitch fest. This would be when you have a new prospect who turns out to be someone that wants YOU to hear what they have to offer. They flip things on you, and suddenly you are the prospect.

Next Steps…

We vividly recall what it was like when we were just beginning  this journey of online marketing, and we earnestly want to share with you everything we have learned in cliff notes version so that you can succeed that much faster. We, ourselves, are on the fast track because we only chose this vocation late in life, and we don’t have the luxury of trying this and trying that and seeing what works. So, we have chosen to partner with some of the best in this industry to reach success faster. We’re so honored that you have jumped on board with us.

Because it is our goal and intention to help other home business owners succeed and thrive, we have put together our best tips and strategies in our signature coaching experience, Your Pathway to Profit.  This crucial skill of using Social Media to market your business comes in at Step Nine in our 12-step profit-building system.

To make sure you haven’t left out a single step in your own business, schedule a one-on-one 30-minute exploratory call with us, and we’ll be happy to show you where you are on your own pathway to profit.

If you have found this article valuable, let us know! Please feel free to share it with your community, too!

God’s Blessings to You!

David & Dana

P.S. – If your upline hasn’t given you a clear attraction marketing blueprint for generating leads online and successfully recruiting people on social media, this will help you – Click Here For Instant Access!

 P.P.S. – If you enjoyed this post, please remember to like, share, and comment below!  We love to hear your comments and questions.

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