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Wish to RetireWish to Retire

We created this website to help others in the dream phase or in the reality of retirement, or somewhere in between – especially those facing financial and other challenges to their dreams.

Be Still…Be Still ...

In this blog, I (Dana) with you my reflections based on another love of mine, the Word of God.  I truly believe that God has given me this magnificent gift to read and study to get to know him more deeply.   I can read it over and over again and the same words can speak to me differently each time.  The Word of God is alive, and I look forward to sharing with you what it’s telling me today.

Talk with My NeighborTalk with My Neighbor

Some years ago, Dana and I (David this time) made lifelong friends with a Mexican family.  Their friends became our friends, and we were welcomed into their culture.  We both came to desire to be able to communicate more intimately with them in their native tongue  (rather than waiting for someone to fill us in on the topic of conversation).  I’ll never forget the look of acceptance in their eyes when I made my first attempt, feeble as it was back then, to speak their language.

Dana and I began a search for the best resources to help us learn their language most easily.  On this site, we endeavor to assist you in the simple act of hospitality of learning to talk with your neighbor in their own native language … whatever language that may be.  The resources we have found and provide for you on this website are intended to help you communicate with those in your circle of life.

Irresistibly Attract Your Ideal Prospects ...

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