So What’s Your Problem? … Be a Problem SOLVER!

What do all successful marketers have in common?  It’s not the product or service they sell. It’s knowing the PROBLEM they solve. So, What’s Your Problem? … Be a problem solver! That’s how you’ll stand out! That’s the raw truth.

We may want to sugar coat that just a bit and say we successful marketers help bring a solution to our prospect’s “STRUGGLE.” Either way, it’s a win-win for everyone. People get their problems solved, and we get the satisfaction of helping make it happen.

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So, let me ask you …

What Is Your Problem, the Unique Problem that You Solve?

Do you know how many of our clients over the years have not had an answer to that question? We continue to ask it because it is a CRITICAL first step. And don’t fret, if you’re having a hard time figuring out your answer, at least you know you’re not alone.

Is this you?

  • Do you have a potion for adult acne breakouts so that people have clear skin and leave the embarrassment behind?
  • Do you have a weight loss pill or supplement so that people can stop feeling self-conscious about wearing their ugly fat clothes?
  • Do you offer dog sitting so that people can go on vacation after all without worrying about their furry family members?

The list of options could go on for days. Do you see the problems being solved? In each case, what you’re really selling is not the potion, pill, or service, but the result … the solution to a problem.

So, what’s your problem, the unique problem that you solve? You can fill in the blank for your own business. For every dream you have, there is a possible business to be had. For every crazy whim, a life can be changed when solutions fit, and problems are solved. Learning how to monetize that is where marketing comes in. More on that later.

Knowing the Problem You Solve Should Be #1 Step When Building Your Business

Most peopleSo What’s Your Problem? will start a business when they find a product or service they really love and are passionate about. That’s good to have a product YOU like. But you need to ask right away, what problem does this solve for the people who are going to BUY IT from me?

To figure this out, you should be thinking:

How Do You Want To Help Your Audience?

What would your audience say if you asked them, “What is your problem?”Be a Problem Solver! Don’t rush past this. If you haven’t figured out what your audience needs, then it’s time to get to know them a little bit.

Discover the most urgent issues and challenges they face.  Do you have a solution to one of those problems?  If so, the show them that you have the solution and position yourself as the one they want to buy from. Be a problem solver.

Next, don’t try to pitch your product or opportunity with what it IS, all it’s fancy features, top of the line ingredients, etc. People want to know what it DOES. How is it going to help them?  For example, people don’t want another pill no matter what fancy ingredients it contains unless it will cure their illness or that of a loved one.  Sell the cure, not the pill!

How Does Your Product, Service, or Opportunity Help?

In all of your communications, you want to be clear on the benefits of your products. You want to focus on the end result or cure. From the examples above: no more embarrassment, no more fat clothes, a stress-free vacation.

Your perfect prospect is not looking for a pill or lotion. They are looking for the result that using your product will bring. Results trigger emotions. People buy when their emotions are involved. So, what’s your problem and how does it strike an emotional chord?

How to Attract People Who Need Your Solution

Be attractive in your marketing. Attraction MarketingLead with something of value, like recipes for a weight loss product or a house-selling tip sheet for a realtor service. Or give away a sample, a coupon, a blueprint, or a cheat-sheet.  You will set yourself apart from all the rest. By giving away something of value and not plastering your product or opportunity all over the place you create curiosity. We call that Attraction Marketing.

There are a lot of people out there doing the same thing you are. When you can make yourself attractive to your prospects by giving them valuable content IN ADDITION to showing them how you can solve their problems and be a problem solver, your authority goes UP, UP, UP!

What Happens When You Solve Problems?

What Is Your Problem? ... the Problem You SolveWhen you learn how to market yourself as the problem solver, you start earning money. Be a problem solver; sell the solution and not the product. Now your role in the lives of your customers has changed from salesperson to rescuer.

We all secretly want to be rescued, don’t we? When we’re working full time, wouldn’t it be great to come home every night to a clean house and a cooked meal waiting on the table ready to eat? Oh, and the laundry would be folded and put away instead of sitting clean in a heap in the corner of the room (at least it’s clean)!

When you become a problem solver who has learned how to market wisely, you enter a new realm of expertise. People are looking for you. They are looking for what you can do for them. You have gained their trust.

Think of those people/businesses in your life that you trust because they have helped you in some way. Maybe you feel especially close to the employees and owners of a certain restaurant that made an occasion special for you. Maybe you trust your pastor because he was there for you during a crisis in your life.

You will also have a sense of accomplishment. You have helped someone else. Even if you’re not a YELLOW personality who naturally looks for opportunities to help, you can still be honored to help another human being with a problem. We are in the business of solving problems. You should be, too.

How You Can Be A Better Problem Solver

Becoming a better marketer and learning the principles of Attraction Marketing will benefit you greatly. Simply in the name, you will see how you will be learning the skill of attracting the right people to you. Not everyone has the problem you can solve. You want to attract those with that problem.

Your Pathway to ProfitFor that reason, understanding “What Is Your Problem?” is one of the foundational steps we focus on in our signature coaching program, Your Pathway to Profit. It’s probably the most commonly skipped business building step missed by most marketers. The more you know your prospect and the problem you solve, the more sales and signups you are going to get.

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Isn’t it time to start standing out from all the others “selling” the same type of product or service you are!?

Isn’t it time to know exactly what you should be doing in your business and not feel overwhelmed anymore!?

Be a problem solver. We can show you how!

Blessings to you!

David & Dana

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