David and Dana would love to speak on your stage. It would be an honor and a privilege to bless your audience!

We’ve got several messages to share. Which fits your audience best?

  • Online Marketing Strategies for Profitability – Many people get stuck in some phase of building a successful business online. Many of those folks will quit and never look back, filled only with regret or what-ifs. We’ve found there are three common places people get stuck (we got stuck) but we preserved and have devised a strategy known as “Your Pathway to Profit” that will help people get “unstuck” and start to see the profitable business they always dreamed of.
  • Our Retirement Journey – People can visualize their own retirement and not fear the unknown. This is especially helpful for people with financial concerns about even being able to retire.

    Watch David’s 3 minute commercial – this is from when we FIRST got started booking speaking gigs.
  • From Abuse to Authority – Dana’s own story of a turbulent first marriage and triumphant rise from the ashes story. She shares about finding her authentic self, having hope, and trusting in God. She is now devoted to promoting her devotional book series as well as helping people optimize their time for a more fulfilled life and/or business using her time management coaching strategies.
  • "Reflections: Devos on the Go" Book Series [Promotion] - Author, Dana K. Hagstrom can speak to the development of this book series, how it can impact the quiet time of busy professionals, small group members, anybody wanting to reconnect with God's word, as well being a great gift option for those hard to buy for folks and as a pastoral help for sermon series topics, etc.. Faith based questions are welcome.
  • "Be The Master of Your Time" -- As the "Time Whisperer," Dana shares time management tips and strategies, mindset shift examples, and how people are often losing out on years of living their best life. Drawing on stories including the creation of her devotional book series, retirement to Mexico, and life as a busy working mom/pastor's wife/business owner for years honing her superpower!

For a visual representation, sample bio, and sample questions, click to download our speaker kit.

It should go without saying that a pastor would make a good speaker. Over a 35-year career as a pastor, David spoke on plenty of “stages”, sharing life-changing messages, and bringing value to congregations. His professional, no-nonsense teaching style keeps people on the edge of their seats as he delivers a compact message full of content.

Here’s a sampling of some of the stages we have already been on. Click any of the images to see show notes and listen to the podcast.

Jana Short Podcast

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