Twitter 101 Basics for Beginners: 3 Tips to Automate Your Business

There are several heavy hitter social media platforms available to grow your business, yet Twitter stands alone in it’s ability to be EFFECTIVELY AUTOMATED.

Other than automation, why do people choose Twitter?

  • It’s very cost-effective – You don’t have to pay for ads.
  • It’s easy to leverage to get exposures for your business.

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If you’ve never used Twitter for your business before, these Twitter basics for beginners will provide you some key things to get Twitter set up and working correctly. This article will assume that you have opened a twitter account and have some concept of how to post a tweet.

Here are some Twitter 101 Basics to get you going.Twitter 101 Basics for Beginners

TIP #1 – Make Yourself Look Good

If you’ve never used Twitter before, the first step of our Twitter 101 Basics, of course, is to set up your profile. As with all social media platforms, setting up a good profile is very important. There are right and wrong ways to do this, but following basic branding guidelines will help you stand out from the masses. These guidelines include:

  • Have an inviting profile picture of your smiling face. Don’t use pictures of your pets or children, flowers or other animate objects as your profile picture. You want people to see you, get to know you, and beginning to build trust with them starts with your profile.
  • Have an attractive cover photo.  Some people actually pay to have this done professionally, and that’s what we did.  We used and were very happy with the results.  You can also use other do-it-yourself options, like  The idea here is to brand you and something you stand for, enjoy, or that represents your lifestyle or business in some way (without using a company name or logo).Twitter Profile
  • Construct a “bio” that tells about YOU!  What are people going to get if they follow you.  There’s a limited number of characters here, so use them wisely. If you want to use a website here, that’s okay so long as you send them to a CAPTURE PAGE. If you’re going to navigate them off of your profile, you want to capture their information in some way.  Do NOT send them to a company website.

Even if you’re seasoned with Twitter, take a look at your profile now and apply some of these Twitter basics for beginners.

Tip #2 – Make Sure All Your Tweets are Designed for Your Target Audience

Since you’re building a business, using Twitter in this case, we’re going to assume that you have already gone through the exercise of determining who your target audience is. If you have not done this, we would suggest you check out our article How to Get People to Buy Your Product: Four Tips for Customer Centered Selling.

When you think about the tweets you are going to post, make sure they provide a SOLUTION for the problems of your audience. Your tweets should:

  • Provide Value. Show what’s in it for them. This will help you stand out as so many tweets these days are just fluff.
  • You can use quotes and positive stories/videos. Pictures of your family and lifestyle fit in well in this category, since you want your audience to feel like they really “know” you.
  • Direct them to your blog and YouTube channel, for example.

With the recent twitter changes, you now have 280 characters available for each tweet. This will include your text, any links, and any hashtags.Hashtags Hashtags are words followed by the pound sign (i.e. #technology) that can describe your post and help make it searchable to Twitter users. is a great resource to determine the most searched hashtags in your niche.  You can also use cross links (i.e. @danahags) that will post that same tweet on another Twitter account.

Once you have developed a sufficient number of Tweets, you can automate this process.  Two great programs to automate your Tweets are SocialJukebox and SocialOomph.

Tip #3 – How to Build Your Audience Using Twitter 101 Basics

The primary way to build an audience of targeted followers on Twitter is using the unspoken rule of reciprocity.  That is, if you follow someone on Twitter, they will often follow you back.  So, you find people in your niche or target audience and simply follow them.

One strategic way to find followers on Twitter is to look at key leaders or influencers in your niche. For instance, if your niche is public speaking and self-development, you would look at someone like Tony Robbins. He’s got a ton of followers, and Twitter will show you all of them. So, go to key leader’s profiles, click on their followers, and follow away. That’s time consuming though and not always the best practice.

BEWARE: Twitter has a follow limit per day, and you don’t want to exceed that. The maximum you can follow is 1000 people per day.  In addition, once you are following 5000 followers, you need to stop and assess.  Look at how many are following you and how many you are following. You can only follow 10% more than your number of followers. So, for example, if you have 4,800 followers, you can follow up to 4,800+480 or 5,280 people.  However, you can always UNFOLLOW people that are not following you back to “open up” some spots for new followers.

There are number of programs available to help automate the follow/unfollow process. The two we recommend are ManageFlitter and TweetAttacksPro4.

Click the button below for a Bonus PDF: 5 Ways to Generate Leads Using Twitter.  For more tips on this process, we can hook you up with some FREE Twitter training HERE.

5 Ways to Generate Leads Using Twitter

Twitter is not a complicated program to learn and the benefits for lead generation are numerous. Most of our leads have come from Twitter by leveraging our exposures and growing our audience using these simple Twitter basics for beginners. The rules for Twitter recently changed, as is common for all social media platforms. It becomes imperative to stay on top of the latest trends, rules and forecasts. That’s why everyone needs to revisit the Twitter 101 Basics to stay in compliance and be informed. David and Dana with Todd and Leah Rae Getts

To continue your Twitter education beyond these Twitter basics for beginners, automate your Twitter lead generation, and become a real Twitter expert, we highly recommend and encourage you to get Ultimate Tweet Leverage from our personal mentors and friends, Todd & Leah!

Happy Tweets to YOU!

David & Dana

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