What to Look for in an Internet Marketing Coach, or 9 Qualities of a Good Online Marketing Coach

You may be asking, “Do I need an internet marketing coach?” or “Why would I need a coach?” Or maybe you’re in denial saying, “Coaches are for other people.”

Here are some great reasons why YOU just might need a coach.

  • You have been marketing online for some time, but it’s just not working, and you don’t know what to change!
  • You are curious about how people online are making so much money and wonder if you can do it, too?
  • You don’t know who you can trust online anymore because it’s just so noisy, and you need someone you can trust to give you what you need.
  • You’re still working a full-time job plus your home business and need a plan of action and accountability.
  • You are coaching other people. (Hint: all smart coaches have coaches.)

By now you may be SURE you need a coach.

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Most successful online marketers have one thing in common!

Remember, most of the successful marketers online have one thing in common – they have a coach. They invested in themselves and their future because they knew they needed help. We all need help. Don’t be afraid to ask for it! You deserve this! Now more than ever, we all need direction!

What image comes to mindInternet Marketing Coach when you think of a successful coach? If you’re like me, you immediately picture Vince Lombardi? We can learn a lot from Vince’s coaching and encouragement. But in terms of doing business online, what qualities should you look for in a good internet marketing coach?

In this article, we’ll examine 9 Qualities of a Good Internet Marketing Coach, qualities that we aspire to in our own private coaching. If you are looking for an online marketing coach, you may have a few a-ha moments or take-aways to help in your search. After you read through this list, you may find some of these qualities are especially important to you. If you are receiving coaching already, this may lead you to a constructive conversation to improve your relationship.

  1. A good internet marketing coach is self-aware.

To begin, it’s important to acknowledge our own strengths and weaknesses and play to our strengths. A good coach only offers advice in areas where they have expertise or knowledge. We will never try to teach something we have not already learned or experienced. If we don’t know, we would rather point to other resources or to persons with more expertise in that area. It’s easy to see through online marketing coaches when they are trying to “fake it.” It’s always so refreshing when you find a coach full of integrity. We aspire to that standard when working with you.

  1. A good internet marketing coach prepares for each session with information, ideas, and suggestions.

Ideally your coachInternet Marketing Coaching we will be prepared for each session with online marketing consulting services that will benefit your needs. You are expecting unprecedented support from your coach.

In years past, coaches would often show up for sessions without any advance preparation, now that’s a good indication you have a careless coach who isn’t keeping up with the times.

Because we have an established agenda, we are able to avoid wasting time on meaningless conversation and examples that are not helpful to you. There is nothing more frustrating than to spend precious time and money listening to a coach ramble on with no direction or real substance. We will make sure these expectations are set forth at the beginning of each session to keep it running smoothly.

  1. A good internet marketing coach will hold you accountable.

It is so important to set expectations and provide accountability. So, expect your coach to hold you accountable. It doesn’t serve them, or YOU, if you don’t follow through.  When we make an assignment, we expect it will be done before the next session.

Clients need to prepare effectively so they can gain the clarity and focus needed to make the  most of each coaching session. Just as a coach prepares, the client prepares to have the ability to articulate their goals for each session when asked. It’s up to us, as the coaches, to provide the means for their preparation as well as their transformation.

  1. A good internet marketing coach treats clients with respect, trusting them to follow through with all assignments.

While a successful internet marketing coaching program may require some “tough love” from the online marketing coach, respect for the client is key. A good coach should never leave you feeling belittled or resentful. A lack of respect immediately breaks rapport and impairs the coaching relationship.

  1. A good internet marketing coach becomes acutely aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the client.

Just as a coach needs to be self-aware, they need to know how to tap into an individual’s strengths to stimulate the greatest amount of productivity. It serves you well when the internet marketing coaching program really fits for you. For example, if you’re not a techie, but have strong relational skills, we would probably not focus on teaching you search engine optimization. Some basics — sure!  But to really focus on S.E.O. would not be playing to your strengths.

  1. A good internet marketing coach listens and allows adequate time for discussion.

Listening is nearly a lost art.Listening and Your Online Marketing Coach We will allow plenty of time for questions or discussion of issues or concerns which you may have with our online marketing consulting services or any assignments made. If a session is 60 minutes, we would be respectful of your time and make sure there is no rushing at the end. Having your input is important so we can be mindful of your concerns. This adds to the respect factor, and it also helps keep the sessions organized and moving along. Listening to really understand your needs will help avoid misunderstandings and better serve your needs. When an online marketing coach truly listens, the client feels heard and affirmed. It’s refreshing when the online marketing coaches’ voice is not the primary one heard during a session.

  1. A good internet marketing coach encourages and is optimistic.

There will be times when a client is struggling or not understanding the intention of an assignment. It’s possible to have the proverbial “elephant in the room” present because of some issue that is causing problems. Rather than assigning blame or offering unhelpful criticism, a good online marketing coach seeks to think strategically and find a constructive suggestion or solution, all the while being encouraging to that client. Dana nearly always maintains a positive outlook and is an amazing encourager!

  1. A good internet marketing coach provides resources, authority, training, and support necessary for the given assignment or expectation.

A good online marketing coach continues to look out for resources that will help their clients. We have a wealth of information we have gained from trainings, reading books, and other sources to share. If a particular client is in need of something we don’t have, we will do everything we can to find and provide the resource that will benefit that client. This will only serve to strengthen our online marketing consulting services for all clients. Personal development is such a key component of this industry, it will be our intention to keep apprised of good resources available.

Coaching in 2021 is becoming more than just a coach-client proposition. Many coaches offer group “maintenance” programs after 1-on-1 sessions are concluded. It’s about the coach creating the space and structure for a community. People love to belong and connect with others on the same journey. Collaborative community is a beautiful thing and can increase momentum. We’ve been offering a group setting for years. It’s how we got started with our coaching practice.

  1. A good internet marketing coach has a strong follow up system in place.

When the session is over, it’s important to have some system in place for the client to use for accountability. Whether it’s simply a to-do list, a Trello board, or a coaching portal you both can access, there should be some mechanism to encourage follow up and accountability. Always have the next session scheduled before ending a session. As an online marketing coach, your time slots fill up quickly, and you want to give your active clients the best selection, so they feel special and important. If at any time, you feel like you have come to the end of what you can offer a client, be prepared for next steps to offer.

These are just 9 Qualities we came up with based on our experience. Feel free to offer other suggestions in the comments.

Our Journey into Online Marketing Coaching

We aspire to be the bestOnline Marketing Coaching online marketing coaches we can be for our clients.  We’ve been blessed to learn from exceptional mentors and coaches including Todd & Leah Getts, Brian Fanale, and Norbert Orlewicz, among others. In a sense, we have been “coaches in training” since we began this online marketing journey.  We learned first to point people to the resources we had found most helpful in our own journey.  Then, in preparation to launch our own Internet Marketing Coaching Program, we have been paying attention to what makes a good online marketing coach.

We look to our own experience here as we have spent thousands of dollars over the past couple years on online marketing coaches. We have worked with inspiring coaches and not so helpful coaches. Obviously, we aspire to be the former. As online marketing coaches, we want to recognize the potential in our clients and encourage them to play to their strengths. We want to make a profound impact on all members of our team as we provide online marketing consulting services.

We have a bit of a head start in the coaching department. While a pastor, David trained to be a coach and worked closely with coaches for his own growth and self-development. From those experiences, David brings a wealth of wisdom and knowledge which easily transfers to our Internet Marketing Coaching Program. We will help our coaching clients set goals they can measure and direct them in a way that fits for their learning skills and interests.

Your Next Step

What are you needing help with in your business? Be honest here. Do you need

  • more leads, sales and signups?
  • new skills, like learning how to optimize a blog post?
  • to learn how start a blog?
  • motivation and accountability?
  • fresh eyes to help turn your hard work into profits?

Those are just a few of the things a good coach can offer you.

We currentlyInternet Marketing Coaching Program have openings for 2-4 new coaching clients and would be delighted to visit together about that possibility.  If that sounds interesting to you, the next steps are to fill out a brief survey and schedule a free 30-minute Discovery-  Exploratory Call.  To begin the process, click the button below.  We might not be the right match for you but, then again, it might lead to a very productive and enjoyable relationship!

Get My Coaching Discovery Call

We are on the fast track and want to help you be there with us! Coaching is what moved the needle for us and continues to do so.

God’s blessings to you!

David & Dana

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