Why Do We Tell Stories To Build Our Business? — 3 Story Based Selling Secrets Make You Irresistible To Your Market

We tell stories to build our businesses because it’s a proven strategy that works. People are attracted to stories. Isn’t it time to get good at using the 3 Story Based Selling Secrets that make you irresistible to your market?

We are social creatures, and we react to social interactions best when shared in story fashion. If you can be the one telling the best stories, you will attract more people. It’s that simple. It’s the critical piece to the “Hook-Story-Offer” framework we learned from Russell Brunson and now follow in our business.

Why do we tell stories? It’s simple. Because humans tell stories. It’s what we do. It’s a big part of how we communicate with each other. We share what’s happened to us. When you can share a role in someone’s story or identify with it in some way, it becomes even more powerful.

Some of us have more interesting stories to share because we live adventurous lives. Not everyone is like us, moving out of the country and away from everything we’ve ever known. Our ancestors did that generations ago when they left their homeland in search of new beginnings. Many people live vicariously through us and our experiences.

Your stories matter, too. Learning how to get good at selling with stories is not only creative, but connects you to your audience in ways you may never know.

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Storytelling Evokes a Neurological Response

Did you know that storytelling evokes a strong neurological response? If the story has a happy ending or a tense moment, different brain chemicals are released. Our brains have a stress hormone called cortisol, which allow us to focus when the story gets tense. When your stories have a cliff hanger or build suspense, our bodies release this chemical. Oxytocin is released when stories have a cute factor, and that chemical promotes connection, trust, and empathy. People tend to be more generous. If our stories have a happy ending, our brains will produce dopamine which will lead to feelings of optimism and hope. When our stories have a funny factor, endorphins are released leading to a more relaxed listener more focused on what you are offering. Keep these things in mind when selling with stories.

What do we talk about? What stories do we tell?

Selling with Stories

One of the best story tellers I know would be Diane Hochman, a mentor in our affiliate company. She has a great training that talks about the 5 major story lines to use in network marketing. You can grab her free training, “How to Tell Stories that Sell!”

How to Tell Stories that Sell

Here are two of her story lines that really resonated with us.

  1. Before and After Stories. This formula is pretty simple to use when you want to plug in your own success. Here’s the formula: Before {I did something, bought something, tried something} I was {how you felt, your situation}. Since trying {product, service, etc.} I have had amazing results with {positive solution}. Dramatize this and play on people’s pain points. We can stress enough how important it is for successful marketers to provide a solution for people’s problems. That is why story based selling can be so effective, yet simple. You are simply sharing what worked for you.
  2. I’ve Got a Secret. These stories are great. You want to create intrigue because your story can only involve a select few people. You can’t let everybody in, only a select few. So, you offer a private call or a secret webinar. You have appealed to your audience’s curiosity. If you do it correctly, the offer you have presented will become irresistible to them because they will NEED to know!

Story Based Selling Sets You Apart

As a marketer and story teller, you need to entertain your prospects and draw them in. When your prospects can relate to your story, they are more likely to buy from you. Marketers succeed when they tell a story that fits their audience’s perception and moves them to embrace, act upon, and even share with their friends. Seth Godin is quoted to have said, “Marketers didn’t invent storytelling. They just perfected it.”

We have heard repeatedly, people buy from people they know, like, and trust. If your stories resonate with your market on any level of emotion, you are bound to make a sale or two or more. Story based selling is powerful! When you learn how to use your stories effectively, you can sell a $1 widget for $20, simply by creating an emotional connection for your listener.

The 3 Story Based Selling Secrets Every Good Marketer Should Know

  1. Stories Should Convey Your Personality.Why do we tell stories?  Storytelling is the perfect way to let people get to know you. This is your opportunity to share with your audience on a personal level. Don’t be afraid to share your imperfections and struggles, as well letting your wins shine. Take full advantage of a story to let people into your world. People buy from people, and you want them to buy from you. Let them know who you are.
  2. Stories Should Invoke Emotion.
    Storytelling in and of itself is perhaps the best way to hit that emotional chord with your customers. Your stories need to evoke the emotions and feelings your prospects can relate to. Share your struggles and how you overcame. You want to make sure you take your listener on the same emotional journey you experienced. Share about your transformation and how there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Stories like this will stir emotions. People will relate to you and want to shine like you. Don’t be fake. This is your time to be raw and real. Your story will inspire.You will speak to those who can relate. Be vulnerable. It will serve you well. Be genuine. Be honest. And, be real.
  3. Stories Should Create a Desire for More.  Leave a little intrigue in your story. Like a cliffhanger in a television series, be creative in keeping them wanting more. You do this with a little bit of mystery. We all want our customers to be repeat customers, always wanting more from us. The ‘more’ can manifest itself in many ways including purchase of a new course you offer, a new product line being introduced, the latest and greatest of whatever you are offering. Use your story based selling to really drive it home and create the interest and desire.

More Story Telling Help

For more great storytelling techniques, see the bestselling book Ted Talks Storytelling.

I read a statistic recently Americans alone consume over 100,000 digital words every single day but 92% say they want brands to tell stories amongst all those words. That tells me that selling with stories is the way to go!

For more great insights on storytelling, grab Diane Hochman’s free training,”How to Tell Stories that Sell!”

How to Tell Stories that Sell

So, why do we tell stories in our business marketing? Because story based selling works. Stories make us relatable and believable. People love to hear stories of success. When you can answer a person’s objection by using a story, the objection melts away or leads to a new objection. Have a story ready for each objection.

Stories in Your Pathway to Profit

Step 7 of Your Pathway to Profit is to take your prospect “From Lukewarm to Sizzling Hot.” We teach about how you can use email marketing to follow up and nurture your prospects. Each email or communication should take your prospect on some sort of journey, using a story, whether you’re selling, promoting, or simply giving value.

If you haven’t had your Pathway to Profit Assessment yet, you should schedule one today. You will then know for sure where you and your business are in terms of the 12-Step of Your Pathway to Profit. You might be surprised at the steps of success you have left out. If you leave out earlier steps and strategies, you will not reach your profit potential. Let us help you get you on the road to Your Pathway to Profit with a complimentary call today.

Don’t be afraid to share your success or the success of others if you are just getting started. Stories give hope. We all want to picture ourselves as successful, income producing entrepreneurs making a difference in the world.

When we can provide that picture for our audience, they will follow. Can’t wait to read some of your stories!

God’s Blessings to You!

David & Dana

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