Your Pathway to Profit: Building a Profitable Home-Based Business

Are you looking for the treasure map to success or at least some ideas for a profitable online business?

Were you hoping someone would just show you exactly what you needed to do so you could start to see results in your business?

Maybe you’ve been told what to do, have done it exactly the way you were told, but the results have been minimal at best.

It’s Not Your Fault

When you get started with a home business, you are usually excited and full of anticipation for your success. You are hungry for profitable online business ideas. You watch people in your company who are just crushing it and making all sorts of money. They look so confident. They look like they have it all together and make it look so easy.

If you have been doing a home business for any length of time, you know that it is hard work. You know that results don’t just happen. You may be asking, “Why isn’t it working for me?” Why don’t I have a profitable home based business yet?

When we got started, we soon asked questions like: Why am I such a failure? What is wrong with me?

Can you identify? We want you to know this: You are NOT a failure. It is NOT your fault. Stop thinking those thoughts, they are actually limiting you.

Instead, it’s time to get back to basics and find your pathway to profit. While you have probably been doing a lot of “work” in your business, you may not be doing the right things at the right time. Maybe you’ve missed some of the important foundational steps. You don’t know what you don’t know.

After really struggling for some time and spending thousands of dollars, things finally came clear for us.  Out of our experience and new insight, we put together a plan for you called, what else but, Your Pathway to Profit.

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What makes this plan different from what you see out there?

It’s a step by step progression that starts with the basics and works you toward a profitable home-based business.  The process we teach in Your Pathway to Profit is in three steps: testing your foundation for success, building your pipeline for profit, and releasing the flow of traffic, leads, and cash. It’s an all-inclusive, business growth strategy system that will take the guesswork out of what you need to be doing in your business each step of the way. This process was designed so you can increase momentum while kissing overwhelm goodbye.

Your Pathway to Profit: Stage 1

In Stage 1, Testing Your Foundation for Success, you will research and carefully craft your answers to four sets of critical questions. Many marketers have skipped over these crucial first steps!

“Where Are You Headed?”

Your Pathway to Profit

It’s time to get clear. To begin, make sure you have a clear compelling vision of your future. You’ll need this to keep you going when things seem difficult or take more time than you planned. To support your vision you’ll need mid-term goals or milestones to mark your progress. Plus, you’ll need a workable personal development plan to help you become the person you need to be to accomplish your goals and reach your desired future. Together, these three elements give you a clear framework for where you are headed.

“What’s Your Problem?”  

That is, what is the problem you solve for your clients or customers. Generalists are a dime a dozen. You want to be a specialist – someone who stands out in the marketplace by solving a very specific problem. Get clear on this question and you are well on the way to developing an attractive brand.

“Who’s Your Biggest Fan?”  

You MUST know that ONE person (your avatar) you want to address in your marketing copy. Don’t write to everyone, and don’t write to some anonymous “prospect.” Picture someone very particular whom you know intimately.

When you try to create a message that fits for everyone, it will unfortunately be compelling to no-one. You want your message to be crystal clear and laser focused, giving your avatar exactly what they want or need.

“How Do You Make Money?”  

That’s a key question when getting started or restarting your business. Think of it like this: It may be easy to sell $1 widgets. That’s not a big ask for cash. However, how many do you need to sell to reach your goal? Is that a reasonable amount for you to sell? And, what else could you offer?

Any business, new or established, should revisit these four sets of questions in Step 1 on a regular basis. The idea is to stay relevant to both your audience and your own personal best. “Are you in alignment with your purpose still?” should be a question you are asking at least quarterly in your business. Look for ways to tweak and build stronger!

Your Pathway to Profit: Stage 2

Stage 2 is Building Your Pipeline for Profit. Some people might equate the “pipeline” image here with their “funnel.” You never want an empty funnel. You never want a dry pipeline either. So, thinking of the sales process in this way, you need to start by attracting leads into the pipeline, nurturing them along, stage-by-stage till they become customers and raving fans.

A Radical S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.

SOLUTION Framework: How to Generate 10-15 High Quality Leads Daily

That’s our acronym for the 8 ingredients to an irresistible lead magnet that doesn’t just “capture” leads and then dead end. Instead, it solves your prospect’s problem, locates that solution in context as one step in a larger process, and moves them toward the sale.

You can grab your own copy of our S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. Framework HERE. It’s exactly what you need to bolster every single lead magnet you have for maximum results. It shows you how to be irresistible to your audience!

Become a Badass Guru

Now it’s time to up your game and grow your authority, earning the trust and respect of your target audience. Demonstrate how your expertise can help them reach their dreams. We’ll show you how to get this done quickly and efficiently.

From Lukewarm to Sizzling Hot!? 

Next, we consider how to keep them moving down the pipeline while you raise their energy and passion for what you have to offer. You will learn the techniques of building an email list, as well as how to keep open rates high and your people engaged with your content. Most marketers agree that having the asset of an email list is a non-negotiable for a successful business. But it’s a step you add at the perfect point in the progression of your business.

One Deciding Event

How do you get your audience ready to buy? A decision has to be made – yes or no. People don’t stay on your newsletter list forever. So, we’ll examine the 5 most effective types of online conversion events. You’ll be able to choose one type to focus on, and design that effective, deciding event for your business.

Your Pathway to Profit: Stage 3

Stage 3 is Releasing the Flow of Traffic, Leads, and Cash. In Stages 1 and 2, you tested your foundation for success and built your pipeline for profit. Your pieces are in place. You are now ready to increase the flow of leads and prospects through that pipeline. You’ve done it once, it’s time to turn up the volume.

Attract Free Eyeballs

5 Day Facebook Recruiting Workshop: Build a Profitable Home Based Business

You’ll soon know where to find many free eyeballs. You’ll learn how best to use social media to help go from a trickle to a steady flow of qualified leads. Although we strongly encourage you to start with ONE platform, we have – over time – used several different platforms and regularly teach our clients how to attract free leads on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Dana even hosts a 5-day Facebook Recruiting Workshop where you can walk away with several new strategies for getting FREE eyeballs on your offers.

Deliver Focused Content

By delivering very focused, precisely targeted content, your perceived authority will go through the roof. The key is not to produce a huge quantity of blogposts, videos, etc., but rather to learn how to produce the right content that will both attract and really help your target audience.

Pay for More Eyeballs

Pay for more eyeballs … ONLY when you’re ready. Prior to this step in the process, paying for traffic is simply a gamble. Now, however, it’s time to develop a carefully calculated ad strategy. One little mistake can cost you thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it, and we won’t let you make the same mistakes we have.

Turn Up the Volume!

You are this far along the process and should be seeing results. Now that you got a profitable business, it’s time to turn up the volume – to scale up the flow to gushing, optimize your funnels, and maximize your profit. We’ll show you the strategies to scale up your business while keeping it profitable.

That’s it. That’s the whole entire process. You can get special access one of two ways.

We cover these 3 steps in our one-to-one coaching — which also give you the most intimate support to maximize your results in just six months. Working together one-to-one allows us to go deeper and to tailor everything for you and your business. This option is best for serious business builders and not just hobbyists!

The second option is to Do It Yourself and simply buy the course, Your Pathway To Profit. If you push yourself to get a step done per week, you could complete the course and see your business transformed in just 90 days! You’ll be learning (or relearning) material to implement in just the right order. Think of it as a “blitz,” “recharge,” “boost,” “challenge,” “intensive,” “bootcamp,” etc. for your business. 90 days seems to be a magic number for people to see results when they SERIOUSLY apply what they are learning. If you are just brand spanking new or starting from scratch with your business, the 12 week goal may require full time effort.

Hold On, There Are Bonuses to Your Pathway to Profit!

Online Profit Partners: Private Coaching Community

You have the luxury of not only devouring this great content, but also have access to our Online Profit Partners elite coaching group for 12 weeks for FREE! That includes at least 4 Q&A sessions and/or specialty trainings per month. Plus, you’ll be part of a Closed Facebook Group (by the same name) for life. During your 12 weeks, you’ll have the in-track to our 24/7 Chat Hotline (in Facebook Messenger) where you can ask your questions. You will have your profitable home based business in no time. Having access like this to the “actual” business coach and not one of their coaching staff is HUGE!  The sooner you can employ the profitable business ideas you will learn during Your Pathway to Profit coaching experience the better.

Lighthouse with cross  and words Lighthouse Networking Association

Another great bonus & perk is complimentary access to our membership of Christian experts, business owners, and entrepreneurs. The Lighthouse Networking Association launched in October 2021. For 90 days, you’ll enjoy networking opportunities, prayer circle gatherings, and possible invites to present your business genius as a guest speaker. Find your next business partner or someone you’ll happily promote because that’s what we do as Christ-followers. You’ll also find rest and refreshment, support and encouragement when you have “one of the those days” all entrepreneurs have on occasion!

If You’re Asking, Is This Profitable Home-Based Business for Me?

To learn more about whether or not you are a candidate for Your Pathway to Profit, or to get more of an idea about which option fits your business mode best, click HERE to schedule a no-risk FREE consultation.

Your Pathway to Profit

During that video call, you will hear more about the process and how it will fit into your business plan. You will learn how important doing the right steps in the right order can be for your success.

Isn’t it time to start standing out from all the others “selling” the same type of product or service you are!?

Isn’t it time to know exactly what you should be doing in your business and not feel overwhelmed anymore!?

We’ll show you how to create a God-honoring business you can be proud of!

Blessings to you!

David & Dana

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