We are Dr. David and Dana from DavidnDana.com.David & Dana

We are just a couple, madly in love after years of marriage who decided to leave our careers behind and move abroad so we could spend more time together.

Then it happened.

It became clear early on in our “retirement” that we were destined for so much more. Little did we know that we would be on the adventure of our lives, living in Mexico and launching our encore careers as online marketing strategy coaches.

We started by rediscovering our passions and being crystal clear on what we wanted to do next in life. We weren’t always a power couple in the online marketing world.

David got his PhD in Biblical Studies and was a parish pastor for 34+ years. He served in a number of churches and during those years published two books and taught classes at a couple seminaries.  (Here’s a link to one of his books, Examining Our Core Beliefs.) He coached staff and headed up three building projects (one over 8 million dollars). David is smart and full of integrity. He knows how to assess a situation and figure out the best solution. He’s also a bit of a techie nerd. It lights him up. He is a HUGE asset to our coaching business.

Dana opted for her “MRS. Degree” instead of finishing college. Having juggled a being a mom of 4, a career as a paralegal for 30+ years, a piano studio, a side gig, and being a wife to a pastor, Dana is a master at optimizing time! That’s her sweet spot in our coaching business, and also uses her writing and relational skills in the more creative side of our business. She has self-published her devotional book series “Devotions on the Go” because she knows how hard it can be to connect with God with life happening around you. You can find that on Amazon.com with a clickable link right on Dana’s daily devotional blog, Be-Still.org

Our Japanese Chins

We are dog lovers, particularly of our Japanese Chins pictured here. They are our companions and have enjoyed the climate here in Mexico almost as much as we have. No more snow and ice. Now if only the rainy season would come with no thunder!

David & Dana AgainRetirement life means we are our own boss. It’s important to know WHAT you are retiring to. We all know what we are retiring FROM. When we arrived in Mexico, we had a clean slate. We knew God was leading the way, and he has helped open doors to our new life and encore careers. We took what we knew from our “dabbling” in the home business industry for years before retiring, and turned that “hobby” into something we could share with others. We are first and foremost “servant leaders.” We want to share what we have learned (and continue to learn) with our the people who work with us.

We’re ready for a new mission, to help YOU with your home business.

We have spent roughly $100K in training, coaching, events, courses, and personal development. That’s a lot of knowledge. Dana feels like she now has her PhD in online business coaching.

We are busy writing our story of success.  And QUICKLY!  Take a look at some of our new friends. The individuals have poured their knowledge and expertise into us so we can be better versions of ourselves.

David & Dana with New Friends

It is now our mission (or ministry) to help other people have success in their online businesses. We stand ready to share with you what we have learned. We don’t want our mistakes to be for nothing. We want to mentor you and give you the shortcut to success.

Bottom line: We are online marketing coaches passionate about providing effective, breakthrough strategies to boost YOUR home business success.  

On this website, we’re going to give you good content (and freebies when we can) to help you on your road to success. You have found a good place, and we look forward to working with you.

So that’s who we are – just simple folk who are living the dream and want to help you do the same. By the way, we love to get comments, FB messages, and emails … and we promise to respond.  You can also …

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Let’s make the coming days awesome beyond compare.  Are you ready to take on the world with us?  Let’s do this.  Together!

God’s blessings to you!

~David & Dana

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